Paper Example on Manning University

Published: 2023-04-05
Paper Example on Manning University
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Manning University is an institution that gets aimed at providing and delivering accessible and quality graduates not only in education but by nurturing the talents of students too. To ensure that the students, campers, and all staffs are safe at all times, the university has liaised with the TRMC (Thibodaux Regional Medical Center), which is headed by Larry Dantony. The medical center provides very quality services, and due to their excellent services, they have gotten recognized both nationally and locally. The medical center hires students at the national level and couch them on how to be competent trainers. Tents and powder for use during the service delivery get purchased from one reputable company, Gatorade. Aside from offering quality medical services to all members of the institution, better housing with trainers in each house and security gets provided to them. Walmart stores and Walgreens companies have built their locations near the university, which has been of significant impact on the economy. The availability of the stores has forced the companies in the area, and businesses lower their production cost; thus, the end products become moderately priced. The university has a committee that deals specifically with hospitality issues like ensuring good food get cooked for the staff and students. It hires food vendors and restaurants organizers from Thibodauxjust to boost their economy by guaranteeing the unemployment rate goes down as possible. The institution has also partnered with Sodexo company, to ensure students are free to purchase meals of their choice. Sodexo ensures that students with food allergies and other complications get taken good care of by providing special meals for them. Nicholls, a member of the institution, is recognized as the best speaker for the impact he had on 1.8 million people in just four days during the university's 25th anniversary. It only implies that students are in better hands while in school.

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Katherine Mabile

Katherine Mabile has been the director of the federation of all alumni at Nicholls state university, which is the home of the manning academy that began in 1961. It aims to reunite the alumni with the university by strengthening their relationship. She enjoys traveling since by then she can meet with new people and share ideas as well as hosting events. An excellent example of an event she hosted was the "colonel caravans," where she did a follow up of the university's alumni to find out where they are based. She engages other departments in the event, planning to ensure its success. The colonel events provide members the opportunity of meeting with their fellow members, and by doing so, ideas get shared. Other events that Mabile host includes the watch party for footballers' welcome back day, homecoming party for an alumni reunion and get given also mandate to lead the grad expo which provides the citizens with an opportunity of knowing more the university by offering information of what they do and the courses they offer. The events get scheduled to take place during spring to encourage many individuals to attend them. She includes colonel crawl to capture as many young alumni as possible. She is a good event planner who ensures that the event is modified to attract the audience of choice. When planning for an event, the purpose of the even is very vital. She keeps in mind that members will only attend if their issues and concerns get addressed. However, to ensure the success of an event; therefore, she considers factors like when/ what/ why/ how/ where and who in the planning to ensure all factors are taken care of. However, with all the services the two universities are offering, one can not dare go to other institutions apart from them.

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