Free Essay for Students: Listening

Published: 2022-04-08
Free Essay for Students: Listening
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This essay aims at analyzing why the third chapter, listening, has been very helpful in perfecting and improving me in communication and had more knowledge as a speaker.

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Listening helps me catch whatever the other party is trying to say, improving my understanding of what they want to mean. It is the one quality that ensures that I follow instruction keenly to grasp everything in practice as guided. It ensures that I give back my best after a training session, which maximizes productivity and the quality of work.

This chapter outlines the challenges to fruitful communication, helped me become alert of the things in my surrounding, and within me, that can hinder me from receiving or passing information as required. It teaches me to give enough and relevant information, giving time for my listeners to internalize the information.

Listening reminds me of the importance of being cultural and gender sensitive. Speaking of difference people requires that I respect and blend in with them to create a good atmosphere for communication. Besides, the chapter adds to the understanding of how different genders perceive life and information, to distinguish the reaction brought about by men and women in various topics. Moreover, I understood that women are keener to the emotional part of words, while men concentrate on the content presented. Having such an understanding of gender differences helps me understand the different reasoning of people and hence avoid judging people. Understanding people is a big area that many people fail in; this chapter has guided me become better at it.

The act of Putting other's thoughts, moods, feelings, emotions, and shortcomings before myself is a significant aspect that listening skill has helped me achieve. Most conversations people have everyday end poorly merely because they don't take some time to listen to the other party or try to feel and view the situation in the other person way. Everybody is always right by their view, but taking time to listen to each other makes a concrete and common idea, which comes about by giving a listening ear, as learned from the chapter of listening.

Moreover, the chapter talks about being action oriented. It points that a good listener always aims at the main reason that brings up a conversation, with the aim of understanding every involved idea and reducing the effects brought about by emotional topics. Knowledge of the purpose of communication keeps a listener focused on the goals of communicating.

Evaluation of the information spoken by someone an essential part of communication. It takes into consideration the evidence and keywords passed by a speaker and examines them to get the emotional appeal the message carries. As a speaker, I have gained more understanding on perceiving one message from different views, to get a broad intervention of the difference or similarities in the speakers, which is achievable through listening.

Listening encourages someone to purpose to understand without letting prior judgment rule, avoiding cutting off someone's speech and being sensitive with time to ensure that people don't become uneasy due to a time extension and miss the main points of the speech. Listening involved differentiating when attentive listening is applicable and when mindless listening is essential. Having more knowledge when communicating takes a discerning attitude between when to give a message deep thought and when to give a light response or reaction.

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