Literary Analysis Essay on "A Scandal in Bohemia"

Published: 2023-10-13
Literary Analysis Essay on "A Scandal in Bohemia"
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"A Scandal in Bohemia" talks about Sherlock Holmes and his insufficiency to esteem a lady Irene Adler. The creator, Arthur Conan Doyle, shows that if there were any lady that could unbalance Holmes unbalance from the "impeccable thinking machine" (Doyle, 2015, p.421) and follow up on his sentiments, it would be her. The perfect lady for Holmes as Irene Adler in light of the fact that she is excellent, savvy, and sly.

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Regardless, Holmes doesn't see Irene Adler's excellence. Other men, including the king, are attracted to her magnificence; regardless, Holmes isn't like other men. He has a fundamental concern to explore and close cases (Doyle, 2015). Holmes talks about how other men feel about Irene Adler. Afterwards, Holmes and his accomplice the expert are out to mislead Irene in sales to close the instance of the missing photo.

Irene does not return, and this raises an issue, and the king Sherlock Holmes to search for the photo. He has just endeavoured to recover it himself, every once in a while through extreme methods, and his proposition to make a payment for it. The King is frantic for help that Irene is planning to send it to the fiancée (Doyle, 2015).

A social occasion of men remain at the city, and when Irene appears, they start fighting about the individual that will be of support to her. Sherlock Holmes promises her while at the same time, is injured in the fight. However, Irene brings him into her loft, where he is laid on the couch to recoup. Watson throws a smoke rocket into the loft and yells "fire!"

Sherlock Holmes reveals to Watson later that he had seen Irene running towards her most esteemed having a place, the photo when she determined the house might be squashed. Holmes, before long understands its place of hiding. He goes ahead to disclose to Watson that he was not in a position to take it as he was being watched. However, he had plans to return later as he could not accept defeat.

Holmes informed the king about the discoveries he had made, and when it was time to go and recover the photo, the maidservant who was working for Irene reveals to them that she had just departed for the train station. After another search, Sherlock only discovers a photograph of Irene wearing a nightdress and misses the one with the king as well as a letter addressing him (Doyle, 2015).

Irene then clarifies in the letter that she was the same one from the night that had passed and also praised him for tricking her extraordinarily using her covers to find the photograph. She completely refused to hand over the photo the King and just wished to keep it in case she needed further protection against the King in future.

The king has an interest in the matter and demands to know from Sherlock Holmes the method of payment preferable to him. Sherlock’s concentration is taken after him staring at the photograph of Irene and tells the King how Irene Adler is a sublime lady (Doyle & Macaluso, 2016). He further states that he is not of the same level, stating that the level she belongs to is higher compared to the King.

Later Watson refers to Irene Adler as “the Late Irene Adler", and this is a suggestion that in the interceding years in between the events that are depicted in the story, she will be dead, and the second at which these events are portrayed (Doyle & Macaluso, 2016). Holmes, regardless, decently refers to her starting from there as "the lady."

Although Irene Adler is beautiful, Holmes does not fall for her. However, Irene does have other qualities in which Holmes should be in love with. Irene Adler is crafty, clever and knows how to outsmart others, even Holmes, which should make her extremely desirable to Holmes. Irene was able to outsmart Holmes because of her detective work (Doyle & Macaluso, 2016). She figured out that Holmes had tricked her into getting into her home.

The author is trying to point out the fact that it is not money which makes people superior, but it is the level of intellect, and a good personality which makes them highly ranked over others and the two things should never be mixed. The story posed writer's point successfully as in the end, the detective Sherlock Holmes and the King was touched by the woman’s act.

The level of her intelligence, which made both of them admire her; the line said by the king, can easily judge this 'Would she not have made an admirable queen? Is it not a pity she was not on my level?' that means he regrets the fact that if they were together, then Irene Adler would have proved to be one of the smartest queens. Additionally, it was not her who was not at the level of King, but it was the King who was inferior to her in the level of alertness and intellect (Doyle & Macaluso, 2016).

In a similar fashion to the other Sherlock Holmes stories, perception is found at the bleeding edge of the tale (Doyle & Macaluso, 2016). Sherlock Holmes can see as well as truly watching. The other characters in the story fail to show this ability. However, in "A Scandal in Bohemia" Sherlock Holmes is outwitted and defeated by Irene Adler's capacities (Doyle, 2015).

Among the important subjects of discussion in the story is the battle that is observed between force and wit. Two major characters in the story that are male in the game utilize their force to have the photograph in their possession. Irene, on the other hand, uses her natural wit and disguises cleverly to get away from them and ultimately she wins using her mind.


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