Paper Example. Learning in Other Lands

Published: 2023-08-21
Paper Example. Learning in Other Lands
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Family is a very vital environment in which children acquire imperative skills such as showing respect to elders, taking responsibility, decision making, achieving social roles and exhibiting creativity, expressing affection, and skills for commencing their education (Zaman et al., 2014). Parenting style is very influential when it comes to raising children as their learning capabilities are very different from adult learners in numerous ways. Additionally, administering behavioral corrections techniques to the accepted replacement behaviors is precisely determined by parenting style in a family setting. Parents often use diverse parenting techniques based on different behaviors and attitudes. Behaviors and attitudes that parents employ often vary regarding their psychological and social situations, personal traits, and the mannerism, and behavior displayed by the child (Kazdin, 2012). All these elements cause parents to show different behaviors as a form of their parenting style to establish or enforce accepted behaviors in children, conduct a functional behavioral assessment, and condition children within a given setting to perform better, through either positive or negative reinforcements (Kazdin, 2012).

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Parents particularly from the United States use different parenting styles that affect a child's social and educational advancement, self-respect, academic motivation, and self-efficacy, in addition to the behaviors of an individual (Zaman et al., 2014). Parents in the United States often use different appropriate intervention measures to change children’s behavior to the most accepted replacement behaviors that improve their learning process, social life, and behavior (Kazdin, 2012). For instance, when a child is not continuously attaining good grades in school, parents often from the United States are usually more concerned such that they frequently conduct functional behavior assessments to find the diverse techniques to address constant problematic behavior of poor school performance.

Once these parents have defined the specific problem, identified the course of such outcomes, gathered information, and finally, they will be able to determine the reason behind such performance and implement positive enforcement such as providing private tutors, creating more time for studies, and engaging and helping their children complete homework to ensure general improvements in performance. Moreover, when children exhibit tantrum behaviors before going to bed or exhibit aggressive behaviors toward other children, parents are mandated to find the primary course of their actions, gather relevant data, and implement enforcement that will eliminate or reduce such undesirable behaviors (Kazdin, 2012). To effectively achieve this, parents usually administer physical, verbal, or grounding punishments or positive reinforcement such as praising the child and encouraging them not to repeat the behavior. Such punishment or reinforcement that fits the behavior is often immediately delivered after the targeted exhibition of such behaviors. Such punishments and reinforcements are considered to be more successful when administered every time the behavior transpires.


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