Marketing Essay Example: LA BOUQUE Brand Research

Published: 2019-08-15
Marketing Essay Example: LA BOUQUE Brand Research
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The cost of the product is not just the value that a firm sets but rather it incorporates an entire arrangement of choices around how the cost will be set and balanced. The essential thought is the estimating methodology that the brand will take after. For instance, organizations can skim the market by setting a high cost and serving just the wealthiest clients, or it can mass market the item by setting it at a value that anybody can manage. The brand has to consider what volume and early discounts it will make, how the cost for various channels and seasons will be set, whether the item can be packaged with others at a lower general cost, and whether the firm can endeavor to value separation, as carriers do with top notch and economy class charges.

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Subsequently, place alludes to every one of the choices included in getting the perfect product to the market (Perreault & McCarthy, 2004). Additionally, place incorporates physical distribution framework and a wide range of methods of getting the product to the customers hence the need to know whether the client needs to see or touch it before he or she purchases it. LA BOUQUE would achieve its objective populace through effective distribution channels, which are all the series that take part in the distribution of the cosmetic product to the consumers.


Promotion incorporates a particular mix of advertisement, public relations, and direct-promoting elements that an organization uses to convey powerfully client esteem and construct client connections. A more accurate form of promotion commonly referred to as product promotion is an explicit promotion strategy that an organization employs to persuade and lure potential clients to purchase their products and services as opposed to going for those of their competitors. Advertising which is also a key aspect of promotion includes non-personal presentations and advancement of business ideas, products or services through distinguished platforms. Promotion, therefore, aids in reaching consumer masses in vast locations at lower costs and also enabling marketers to rehash a sales message ordinarily. Be that as it may, advisement may be expensive about other promotional tools because it is unoriginal in nature which may hinder its effectiveness in direct persuasion.

As a new brand, LA BOUQUE seeks to capitalize on these market trends and by the use of a blend of marketing mix tools, make the best out of the venture.

Evaluation and Conclusion

In synopsis, LA BOUQUE is positioned for strong growth in the French cosmetic upon its launch. The brand will stand out from competitors in light of the target marketing and segmentation employed. As a new brand, LA BOUQUE utilizes niche marking strategy by channeling all marketing mix frameworks on quality leadership. Product quality leadership, positioning strategy, and selection of niche marketing will escalate the brand to greater heights (P.R & Ginter, 1987). Be as it may, the cosmetic market in France is characterized by fierce competition with various market players. Marketing mix strategies are therefore focused on winning the target group. To achieve this goal, it is imperative to use effective promotion campaigns, pricing, and product quality. Promotion encompasses enlightening the potential consumers regarding the product through official launch, publicizing, and personal selling. In these particular exercises, the new brands component, use, and some other applicable data are conveyed to the customers. It is also imperative to ensure that the product is conveniently available to the target consumers and most importantly, at the strategic prices.


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