Essay Sample. Joint Commission Survey

Published: 2023-08-16
Essay Sample. Joint Commission Survey
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The Joint Committee on Accreditation of hospitals is an organization of health professionals. The aim of the Commission aims at ensuring that patients in hospitals get the most effective treatment. The Joint Commission emphasizes effective communication with the patients by the health workers. To ensure effective communication, the Commission works to eliminate the barriers to effective communication. Another significant role of the Joint Committee is to ensure effective management of the health organization (Roberts et al., 1987).

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History of the Joint Commission

The Commission started in the year 1951 (Roberts et al., 1987). The Joint Commission came to exist by merging several health management programs with similar programs. At its formation, the Commission had the name Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). In 1965, the government of the USA gave the joint Commission the mandate of determining whether hospitals met operational conditions. However, in the year 2010, the government of the United States transferred the role of hospital accreditation to the Centers for Medical and Medicaid Services (CMS). The joint Commission then changed its functions and started working on ensuring that the treatment of patients is safe. The Commission also started measuring health performance and giving recommendations.

Significance of the Joint Commission

The Joint Commission helps in ensuring that patient safety is always guaranteed. The Commission is always committed to providing that health organization ensures that the health staff handles patients with care. The Commission also makes sure that health organizations manage and reduce risks while handling patients. The Commission achieves this role by setting standards of how health organizations should act. Through the management of the risks, the Joint Commission makes the health organization to reduce the cost of insurance (Lee & Chun, 2012).

The Joint Commission plays a crucial role in providing education and advisory service to accredited health organizations on how the organizations should operate. The body also ensures that the health centers do recruitment of health workers effectively. The Commission ensures that those who get employed in health organizations meet all the required conditions (Roberts et al., 1987).

The Joint Commission also takes the crucial responsibility of making a framework in which organizations operate. The body prepares and conducts surveys on the quality of the offered service. By doing so, the joint commission on Health ensures that there are standards that the health sector should follow.


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