"Jazz with Bob Perkins," Jazz standards WRTI 90.1 FM. Free Essay

Published: 2023-02-10
"Jazz with Bob Perkins," Jazz standards WRTI 90.1 FM. Free Essay
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Jazz is a musical style that has been in existence for more than a century. Jazz originated from New Orleans, St Louis, Kansas, and Memphis. Jazz is mainly characterized by certain and specific musical features such as swung rhythms and syncopations, walking bass, comping among may more. The original jazz band consisted rhythm section that contained a guitar, a banjo, drams a clarinet, a trombone and sometimes a violin. Nowadays there is an improved texture in the massive band error. Jazz music applies of universal language and a means of communication that can be understood from persons from all the walks of life. The jazz music from its origin in 1800 has been a significant influence of another genre of music.

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The aspect of duration in jazz music covers the interval of sounds and notes as well as the silences the phase signature and all beats aspects including the tempo and the rhythm. Syncopation is widely applied to create an upbeat sensation unique to the jazz category. The tone color can be term as to how sound is fashioned and its characters. Words like metallic, mellow, dark, rich, brassy husky, and shimmering are an example of words applied when describing Tone color.


Pitch is the perceptual conception which is different from essential frequency. The human voice pitch is determined by the frequency of the vibration of the vocal codes. The generally acceptable range is usually between 2-3 octaves, although they can generate notes of higher and lower pitch.

The volume of the piece is maintained at a smooth action that is abstemiously loud. The loud and fast notes being played in a venue that is less attended with particularly seasoned musicians.


Timbre is the eminence of the musical note or sound that differentiates the different types of sound generation or musical devices. Envelop, and the spectrum is the two physical features of music that meditate the sensitivity of timbre. Timbre is also branded in psychoacoustics as sound color or the sound quality. Timbre in jazz is what, for example, is recognized by people as saxophones from the trumpet. The (ASA) American Standards Association defines timbre as the sensational attributes in expressions of which the be able to listener can be able to distinguish two sounds having the same pitch and loudness. Primarily timbre depends on the various spectrum such as the stimulus. It can also be determined by waveform, the frequency position of the range, the sound force, and the temporal feature of the stimulus.

In conclusion, jazz music is more multifaceted than in other genres. When jazz as compared to other musical forms such as roll and rock music one can quickly get into a hard situation, jazz will grab your concentration making you sing along. It will also cheer you up in certain circumstances. The jazz singing group' play with music'. The jazz music can be played in a reversal way which is against the music. The musicians can break down, discover the implications of the music piece, and perform it to the audience.

Jazz contains all the elements of the music. They include the melody: this is the harmony of the song. This is the part that one is most likely to recall. Jazz has harmony. This is the notes that create the melody to sound complete. Finally, they have rhythms. This is the song's heartbeat.


Clark, G. (2015). Civic Jazz: American Music and Kenneth Burke on the Art of Getting Along. University of Chicago Press.

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