Essay Sample: Jane Eyre as a Student vs. Jane Eyre as a Teacher/Governess

Published: 2020-04-27
Essay Sample: Jane Eyre as a Student vs. Jane Eyre as a Teacher/Governess
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The evolution of Jane Eyre has been a fascinating journey of character decoration and confirmation. As a child, Jane's life was full of suffering as she struggled to fit in with her aunt's Mrs. Reed family. Her orphaned state makes her vulnerable, and she becomes a target for humiliation for both Mrs. Reed and her cousin John, who makes her life unbearable. Brontes portrays Janes young personality as a feminist. Jane is quick to fight back when her cousin John hurls insults at her and hits her with a book. Wicked and cruel boy! You are like a murderer- you are like a slave-driver- you are like the Roman emperors!(Bronte 7).When Jane is taken to the religious Lowood School, her character is molded slowly by her experiences with her friend Helen. Helen attributes are quite fascinating to Jane, who sees her as being simple, humble and tolerant. However, Jane is shocked at the level of Helens submissiveness especially towards the punishment of the harsh Ms. Scatcherd. Hardened girl! Nothing can correct you of your slatternly habits; carry the rod away. (Bronte 54). Helen teaches Jane of the need to become self-reliant, obedient and slow to resentment. Jane finds a family she yearned for in Ms. Temple and Helens friendship.

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After the tragedy that claimed the lives of most students in Lowood School owing to typhus fever, Mr. Brocklehurst is demoted from his managerial duties following the probe about the school deprived conditions. Helen, unfortunately, dies in the event of the tragedy. Jane, now having Ms. Temple as friend and teacher, strives hard to excel in her studies. After six years of effort, Jane eventually magnificently completes her studies. Due to her excellence in her studies, Lowood School absorbed Jane as a teacher for two years. Jane transfiguration from being a student to becoming a teacher shows real progress in her life. According to Bronte, the experiences at Lowood shaped Jane from the crude, angry-defensive child to a self-sufficient, mature, enthusiastic ready-to-serve woman (87).

Soon after her service as a teacher at Lowoods school, Jane applies for a post as a governess at Thorn Field. Once again, she finds peace in the warm welcoming and guidance of Mrs. Fairfax, while she teaches English language to her single student Adele Varens. In her stay at Thornfield, Jane becomes emotionally attached to Mr. Rochester, who is the owner of the house. Mr. Rochester supports Jane intellectual and artistic drawings that showcased her impressive personality. Were you happy when you painted these pictures? (Bronte 131). According to Bronte, Mr. Rochester takes a deep interest in connecting with Jane emotionally (133). The quest for self-reliance compels Jane to deny later Mr. Rochesters marriage proposal. Bronte displays the transfiguration of Jane being shaped by her zeal to attain self-sufficiency, which she ultimately achieved.

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