Islam Empire Of Faith - Free Essay with the Movie Review

Published: 2022-05-06
Islam Empire Of Faith - Free Essay with the Movie Review
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"Islam: Empire of faith" is one of the religious American documentary films. This documentary is divided into three parts in that it covers the vast history of how Islam came into existence and also the effects of this religion. Among the most discussed impacts of Islam is the establishment of an empire. This documentary covers how Islam at its height spread through from Spain and Morocco and went as far as China. This movie is much focused on outlining the life of Prophet Muhammad and also how he established Islamic religion and even Islamic related philosophy. This documentary is divided into three parts where the events occur in a given sequence. The pattern has flow as it starts with the establishment, development and later the effects of this religion. In the course of this documentary, we come across great men such as Nizam al Mulk. This fellow plays a significant role in the documentary as he plays significant roles in the spread and establishment of an Islamic empire known as the Seljuk Empire.

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Nizam al Mulk, one of the characters in this documentary film, is from Persia. He is a learned fellow who rose to power after the assassination of Alp Arslan, the vizier. Nizam al Mulk is brought out as a hero in this documentary as his actions are heroic as they all aimed at improving the lives of his subjects and also bringing peaceful co-existence between Islams and those in power. Nizam al Mulk is brought out as an object of admiration due to his achievements such as establishing schools in all the cities in Seljuk Empire. In this documentary, Nizam al Mulk is full of legacies which were important in the history of Islam and also in his empire. This paper will focus on some of his achievements.

To begin with, Nizam al Mulk wrote writings which were termed as siyasatnama. The term sayasatnama in English refers merely to the phrase "Book of Government." This book comprised of political treaties that used historical case studies to discuss critical political aspects. Among the aspects discussed in this book include justice, roles of the political government to the Islamic society and effective political governance. This is one of Nizam al Mulk main achievements as he helped to restore order in his empire despite the confusion being experienced as a result of the introduction of Islam. The Book of government was used by those in the position of power to rule efficiently as this books offered guidance.

Most poets and historians also described Nizam al-Mulk as a great organizer and a great soldier as he effectively represented his majesty perfectly even to their neighbors. He was very hospitable and supportive to individuals who were in need of his help. This quality made him help the Seljuq Turks to settle in their new home. This is also considered an achievement as the success of the success of the Seljuq Turks was associated to him. This empire was also forever indebted to Seljuk Empire, and this gave them an economic advantage as they became trade partners.

Apart from being a political leader, Nizam al Mulk played other roles such as serving in the royal courts which were referred as dadgar and also acting as a link between the political and the cultural rivalry that occurred between the Iranians and the Turks. The latter led to peaceful existence between the concerned parties. With peaceful coexistence, the two regions experienced development and progress in both economic and social aspects. The director of this documentary has brought efficiently out Nizam al Mulk as an object of admiration due to his enormous achievements.


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