Essay Sample on Interpersonal and Team Skills - Team Charter

Published: 2023-04-24
Essay Sample on Interpersonal and Team Skills - Team Charter
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Integrated project managers need tactics and behaviors they can use to interact with team members effectively. These interpersonal skills involve the ability to communicate and build relationships with others. One of the most critical interpersonal skills a project manager needs is active listening (Pinto, 2013). Active listening, together with interpersonal communication, involves a face-to-face exchange of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and ideas between managers and team members. Active listening contributes to a positive working environment; it helps create and maintain an efficient workflow that leads to the success of the project (Life Cycle Engineering. (2015). Active listeners always avoid misunderstandings, which encourage building relationships that help team members know they are being heard and understood. It also helps in the conflict resolution process to enable the team to overcome disagreement and improve productivity

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The team's purpose is to create a new email platform for the company PMBOK. Duration and time commitment of the project will be two months, with seven hours per day and working only on weekdays (Life Cycle Engineering. (2015). Members of the project consist of; project manager, who is the leader of the project, Engineer in charge of both the hardware and software engineering, and web designers involved in coding. The desired result is to enable the company to get more traffic to their websites, improve sales conversion, and brand awareness. The team will need access to the company's stored data and support from the department of marketing. The reporting plan should be a weekly report provided by the leader and a monthly review of the team's progress (Life Cycle Engineering. (2015). Deliverables, the team should deliver a series of reports on how the new platform will increase traffic to the website and possible challenges it might face in the future. The team will link up with the marketing and sales department in improving their digital marketing program (Govindsamy, 2017).

The project is built on teamwork, passion for what one does, relationship, and honesty among members so that the team will need access to the company's past data (Govindsamy, 2017). For effective communication, the team understands that while communicating, they should make sure their messages are clear, complete, and accompanied by active listening skills. Conflict resolution guidelines are based on, clarifying the disagreement, and then establishing a common goal for both parties and how to meet it, agreeing to the best way to resolve the conflict, and acknowledging the accepted solution.


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