Essay Example. Interaction Between Gifted Students and Teachers

Published: 2023-03-14
Essay Example. Interaction Between Gifted Students and Teachers
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The research has discovered that it is important to put into consideration interactions that result between teachers and students who are gifted in their various fields. Also, their findings are based on the attempt to elimination of any conflict which might exist in the department of the gifted program. As a result of their findings, they have come up with remedies on how to cope with the situation, which impacts not only the gifted students but also their teachers. This remedy includes; Provision of a favorable environment, the opening of more learning institutions for gifted students, and regular assessment of teachers, and their attitudes towards the gifted students. Moreover, they have discovered that there is an urgent need of giving priority the gifted students as compared to the ungifted students, looking for ways of approaching the gifted students, The paper will therefore discuss issues relating to associations between the gifted students and their teachers and more so addressing of the conflicts which result from the gifted program.

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Firstly, Moreover, there is an urgent need by the institution to establish more educational centers to not only learners but also their teachers. The idea of opening a learning institution will help the teachers to acquire new skills in which they can later share with their students. Teachers sharing their ideas with the students will boost the interaction amongst themselves by helping them to achieve their set goals. A conducive environment should also be put into consideration because it will enable the learners to have a peaceful mind; hence, they are able to understand what they are being taught easily, leading to close interaction among them. Also, putting into concern matters relating to a favorable environment is a significant factor to the learners because it will enable them to think critically and later come up with solutions to their problems.

Also, there should be a thorough assessment of matters relating to teachers' attitudes toward students who are gifted. Teachers are expected to have positive attitudes towards gifted students by being submissive to them and by using all means to ensure that they have attained their success (Blaas, Sabrina, 20). Furthermore, the student's interaction with their teachers has encouraged them to open up their hearts on some challenges in certain subjects in which they view it as a burden to them. This problem is common when it comes to science subjects, for instance, physics and chemistry. Also, teachers are advised to avoid the idea of being selective. This case has been witnessed in the event whereby teachers tend to be obsessive about what they love most, for instance, being obsessed with offering their services to certain students at specific classrooms hence neglecting others who may also need their help.

The interaction which is depicted between the gifted students and their teachers should also be touched on because it is considered beneficial to both of them. This is clear when it comes to a situation whereby students incorporate what they have learned in their classes to nurture their talents. Also, the interactions between them can be achieved through the initiation of programs, which can shape them on how to learn more about what might affect their future.

As a matter of fact, there is also a need for prioritizing gifted students as compared to others. This is mainly because being given the first priority will enable them to capture what they are being taught, making it be easier during their exams period. Also, to achieve a close interaction between the gifted students and the teachers, it is advisable that teachers should be appreciated for the services they are offering to the students (Cavilla, Derek, 24). Also, gifted students are encouraged to be cooperative with their teachers in order to boost the interaction between them and their teachers.

Also, the findings show that there should be the implementation of some measures by the school organization, which entails approaches of the gifted students. This category of students is taught to have a high intelligent quotient as compared to the ungifted one. The issue of how to teach them should, therefore, be addressed in detail in order to make them adapt to the speed in which they are being taught, leading to close interaction amongst themselves. This can be achieved through the use of various strategies, for instance, verbal interaction and the use of group work, which will help them to share their different ideas with one another. Gifted students should be grouped according to the subjects they are can due to their level best. This will also help them to effectively nurture their talents hence leading them to the attainment of their talents. It will also help to boost the interaction between students and the teachers because students will be happy to be given a chance to settle in a group work which he/she likes.

Programs such as professional development courses (PDC) have also aided in the recognition of interaction, which might occur in between gifted students and their teachers through ways such as identification of areas of their weaknesses. PDC has conducted thorough research involving the challenges that usually occur while handling gifted students. They have taken a step forward and come up with remedies that can help them to achieve a better future. Guiding and counseling have been considered as one of the methods which have been used by teachers to motivate gifted students upon their talents (Source Kim, Mihyeon, 26). Teachers have given advice to gifted students whenever they are in a dilemma, especially when it comes to challenges affecting them. Also, gifted students have been recognized through methods such as mentoring. Teachers have been considered as mentors of their students since they teach them matters pertaining to life and more so which are connected to their future careers.

Teachers should also allocate part-time to gifted students to assist them in the acquisition of adequate knowledge. This would help them to pave their way by being ahead of other students in the process of learning. Also, there is an urgent need to put into consideration the issue of close interaction between teachers and gifted students through means such as involving them in sacred departments, for instance, a resource room. The resource room will help to create an interaction between them and the students since it contains most of the learning activities; hence, they can be taught there. Also, they can have a chance of asking questions that have not been clarified well during the study period.

Also, in order for the gifted students and the teachers to achieve a good interaction amongst themselves. Teachers are advised to be watchful upon their students through ways such as discovering how they usually engaged them whenever they want to be assisted. Moreover, they should also identify the preference of gifted students so as to prepare themselves before approaching them. They should carefully hear what they are saying before answering them anything, and if they are giving out the wrong choices, it is advisable for them to correct them in order to assist them in achieving their dreams.

Commitment should also be put in the forefront because it helps in the creation of interaction between teachers and the gifted students. This will make teachers assist their students with life skills, which can help them to nurture their talents. Also, through the ideas of teachers becoming committed to their work, it will definitely benefit the students because they will also tend to adopt what their teachers are doing hence leading to their success.

In conclusion, conflicts created by the gifted program should also be touched on so as to foster a good relationship between the gifted students and their teachers. The conflict which might exist between the gifted students can be solved by the provision of equal facilities to both gender race as a way of eliminating gender discrimination among them. Also, strategies such as learning how to approach the students would help in resolving the conflict, which might depict itself in the institution involving the gifted students and the teachers. This is the most method of conflict resolution because it provides the students with a form of expressing themselves with regard to matters affecting them as it is believed that they are not shy to say what it affects them. Teachers should also lead by example by implementing measures that they can use to solve the issue of conflict within their respective departments. This technique includes things like teaching gifted students on how to be patient whenever they have been annoyed by other students. Also, they should encourage their students to have a positive attitude towards resolution of conflict hence leading to their prosperity.

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