Essay Sample on Intelligence Feedback

Published: 2023-10-23
Essay Sample on Intelligence Feedback
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Intelligence is the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge to adapt to new situations, learn from past mistakes, and create a unique pattern of thought. It helps in problem-solving and adopting new ideas that help one know how they are handling their life experiences. Intelligence is classified into three types, including Concrete, Social, and general intelligence; Concrete intelligence is the measure of ability that shows the actual situations of a person's experiences. On the other hand, Abstract intelligence involves responses to non-verbal's, such as numbers and words, through manipulating facts.

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Similarly, social intelligence deals with an individual ability to solve societal problems in daily life. For instance, to understand others, we react in such a way that, in the end, the desired goal is attained. Therefore, I can handle and make adjustments to the misunderstandings between parents and their children using the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children.

I have been having visits to my office with two parents who come to seek measurement of intelligence for their children. Mrs. Anderson needs a test score for placement of her child to the 4th grade by getting the 95th percentile. On the other hand, the second parent, Mrs. Letterman, needs to know why her third gender is struggling in school by performing only in traditional tests rather than nonacademic projects.

To assist the families, I will use the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children to take measures in the assessment of the cognitive abilities of these children. I diagnose the two children's strengths by giving them different comparative tests between the intellectual and memory components of their cognitive processing. I will take both parents on the cognitive processes of development and how these stages affect the growth of a child. I will always inform them that different children are born with different unique qualities inherited from genetic factors. I will also administer various intelligence tests to these children so that the parents can believe in cognitive differences.

I will use the following intelligence tests to identify individual differences in pupils to provide them with particular attention. I will administer Individual intelligence tests to their level of understanding by giving them the same test but with different names. The individual tests also help in knowing how much the child can deliver without his peers. I will give aptitude tests to Mrs. Letterman's child to predict an individual's ability to learn a skill or can predict what the individual can accomplish with the train.

I also give an achievement test to Mrs. Anderson's child to measure what he has learned and mastered and how these masteries affect his performance and how far the child can read to get the 95th percentile. This test will measure the readiness for learning at different levels or grades. They will also help in Identification of individual differences in pupils to provide them with personalized attention and help in diagnosis and the Identification of the degree of mental retardation or defect and classifying children at different levels.

In summary, for selecting suitable candidates for education and professional activities, intelligence helps advise students on course selection and general academic progress. Parents and teachers may also misuse the tests as they see pupils in the light of IQ results; therefore, Teachers may discourage those with low IQ and may have excessive confidence in those with high IQ. Teachers may use IQ as an excuse for their laziness and ineffectiveness and use the knowledge of intelligence tests for their convenience.

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