Innocence, Humility, and Privileges of Youth, Essay Example

Published: 2022-05-20
Innocence, Humility, and Privileges of Youth, Essay Example
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Childhood is the most significant point in life because at that young age life is simple and children enjoy freedom without any responsibilities. In contrast, in adulthood, there are many responsibilities. Children are very satisfied with life because childhood allows people to engage in what makes them happy. However, childhood is very brief, and it passes without one realizing the privileges bestowed upon a childhood that one cannot enjoy as an adult. In "Oh To Be Young Again, I Think" by Rogers, Rex he recollects the best moments of youth and childhood which creates a picture of what it is to be young as he admires the memories of when he was young. Rogers would want to be young again and experience the age of high ignorance and games that only children and young people can play "To play baseball, marbles, and Cowboys-n-Indians." People at a tender age are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them without being rebuked.

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The youth are more relieved from the many difficult tasks and they do not have to worry about tomorrow but lead a carefree life where one can enjoy nature more intimately, as noted by Rogers "Oh to be young again. To walk the hardwood of Lincoln School, take milk-money, and search for steel pennies in the bin." Most people have fantasies of being young to experience nature surrounded by a family like in the case of Rogers where he is able to play with the old man. People experience more fulfillment when they are young because being young one gets enough time to experience nature like when the author remember walking through the hardwood forests, collecting steel pennies from the bin, playing baseball and marbles like he did when he was young. Life for many young people is easy because most of the important things at a tender age are already taken care of by adults who have the responsibility to take care and provide for the young.

Childhood and early teenage is the age of innocence as noted by Rogers. Apart from learning grammar and fractions, one can stare at a young girl and only realize her grin without being judged and rebuked for harboring hidden motives "Oh to be young again. To race the playground, learn grammar and fractions, and get lost in the wonder of a young girl's grin" (Paragraph 3). Children are not judgmental like in the case of adults where interactions between opposite sexes are highly discouraged and limited to those that share blood or know each other intimately. At night, one can read the comic books and novels while dreaming to be a hero which shows the level of innocence in childhood. Young people are very forgiving, unlike adults who hold enmity and grudges because children have high emotions of love and are able to forgive. During the early years of life, people are very optimistic and seek to accomplish big things when they grow up. At a tender age, anything can be achieved because young people are optimistic, and self-doubt has not started to take hold and control people aspiration. Unlike childhood, adults are afraid of losing and failing because at one point in life they have lost or failed. Hope at a tender age is abundant because young people are driven by the aspiration of a better future and a better world. It is at a young age that one is able to enjoy a peaceful life full of energy. High optimism enables children to lead more fulfilling lives compared to adults because responsibilities are few and one receives support from the parents and other adults. "Oh to be young again. To be fueled by optimism, invulnerable, invincible, and take life as you must right on the chin" (Paragraph 5).

Childhood and early adulthood are brief and go quickly, which leaves one longing to be young again. Most people hold fantasies of childhood because of its simplicity. Children are free from responsibilities and also enjoy many privileges and protection from the adults and the government. The fantasy of being young forces one to relive their childhood memories like in the case of the poem author as he longs for the times of John F. Kennedy and Ronald Kennedy when probably the cost of living was low, and development had not changed play parks into skyscrapers. However, the author shows that being young also has its hardships since one has to endure the horrors of War, racism, and rebellion which were the major problems during the 1980s. "To endure Viet Nam, Watts, Kent State, wrestle with racism, rebellion, hate, and meanwhile youth comes to an end" (Paragraph 6).

Although everyone longs for the life in childhood and early adulthood the reality of life catches up as the author realizes it is unattainable. During adulthood, life becomes a competition for the limited resources and opportunities to meet needs and responsibilities. Children are able to play freely regardless of their different ethnic background because they are not aware of racism and prejudice which are common amongst adults. Adulthood ushers the experience of relationship problems, losing loved ones, and experiences of prejudice where people are treated differently based on their ethnic background. However, children do not experience the hate in the world as people become more persecuted as they grow up by their unachieved dreams and career competition.

In conclusion, Rogers views being young as the perfect time in life when one can enjoy unlimited freedom from responsibilities and also receive gentle treatment. Being young allows one to get satisfaction from doing simple activities such as playing in the woods. Being young one is free from regrets and is unaware of the inequality and the pain in the unfair adult life. Childhood according to Rex Rogers should be regarded as a privilege where one is amused by nature and heroes in the comic books that inspire us to be heroes and think of virtues. However, as one grows old, we realize that being young is very brief and one cannot bargain to experience it again. One can only try to be content with their age and become bemused by the challenges and successes that come in our way. Tender age absolves one the need to wonder about ambitions because the world is fair, and everyone hides behind the mask to treat children differently.

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