Essay Sample on Initiatives to Improve Ethical Commitment

Published: 2023-07-12
Essay Sample on Initiatives to Improve Ethical Commitment
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Just like other aspects of the organization, employees are a critical asset to the operations of the organization, whose performance determines the success or failure of the same. Due to their importance, employees should be given a substantial concern by the management in due course to ensure their optimal performance. To achieve the above, employees have to adhere to the ethics of the workplace. Some of the initiatives that can contribute to the improvement of the employee's commitment to ethics at the workplace include;

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Punishment of employees- the management can spell out and define various forms of punishments for different breaches of workplace ethics which in turn will encourage the layabouts for the employees to discover their inner work ethics. Such punishments include advancing suspension of privileges and the threats to terminate them and their contracts with the organization (Dessler & Varrkey, 2005). The management can also consider threatening them with job demotions or salary cut-offs.

Creating competition grounds-the The organization can take into account the option of setting up a competitive culture to enhance the work ethics. Increased competition will result in workers being motivated and developing the willingness to increase their efforts towards a winning mentality among themselves. Competitive individuals respond well to adherence to workplace ethics. For competition to work effectively, financial initiatives such as rewards are incorporated.

Cooperation among the employees in the organization consists of many employees, there is always teamwork that requires cooperation. In the course of cooperating, the employees interact, reminding themselves of the important rules and ethics of the organization that are to be followed. It has been established that there is increased work ethic when individuals work together as a team as opposed to individualism since none of the members of the team will want to frustrate or disappoint the efforts advanced by other members.

Methods to Communicate Initiatives

For the above initiative to effectively work among the employees, appropriate communication methods must be used by the management of the organization. Some of the methods include the incorporation of seminars and workshops into the organization's programs. Seminars and workshops are essential programs for employees in the sense that they bring together employees from different organizations in the same industry (Eisele, 2017). The seminars and workshops take into account all ethical issues in the industry which are communicated to the employees of different organizations. Seminars and workshops are usually conducted by professionals and experts in the industry that can be easily understood by the employees.

Secondly, communication of work ethics can be enhanced by coming up with open forums at defined intervals for the employees to present their grievances to the management. Open forums are also the most appropriate platforms for the management to communicate organizational ethics to all the employees in different departments. They also allow for instant negotiations in communications where both workers and the management can reach a consensus (Everse, 2019). Here, both employees and management can ask for opinions and suggestions in a bid to inspire conversations.

Lastly, the right way of communicating initiatives is to allow for open-door communication where the employees can access the managers of the organizations concerning work ethics personally at any time without any interventions. Open door enhances one-on-one communication where the employees are accordingly advised on how to go about the ethical initiatives allowed by the organization.


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