Essay Sample: Informed Consent for Research Data Collection

Published: 2023-03-22
Essay Sample: Informed Consent for Research Data Collection
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I invite you to take part in this research study by answering the survey questions provided in the questionnaire. The purpose of this exploratory case study research is to investigate the TQM practices and how they impact the modular home industry in Nebraska. The study seeks to address the company management as well as the homeowners who have previously purchased homes in the region. I am currently a student enrolled in the program (Specify the program) at the University (Specify the institution), and I am in the process of writing my doctoral thesis. The title of my thesis is (please specify). The study entailed a questionnaire enclosed that is designed to collect information regarding the application of the TQM practices in the modular home industry in Nebraska and its impacts on the industry.

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To take part in the study, you must fulfill at least the following requirements:

  • Be a homeowner or an employee in the modular industry in Nebraska, with at least five years' experience in the industry, and be of at least an adult 18 years and above.
  • Understand that taking part in the research project is absolutely voluntary. That no one will be coerced to take part in answering the questions or answering any question that you fill is not convenient for you.
  • Understand that you have the right to withdraw from the research any time you feel that your rights may have been violated, or any concern regarding privacy, ethics violations, threats, or just a personal decision, without any penalty or consequences whatsoever.
  • That you may opt to take a face-to-face interview that will take approximately 2 hours, or decide to answer the questionnaire privately and provide the filled-in questionnaire physically or via email.
  • Understand that the interview questions will include personal demography such as gender and age bracket, and also professional work experiences regarding total quality management, leadership styles, and the workplace environment. However, the data collected will not entail any personal information that can identify the respondent.
  • That the participation in this study will not entail significant risks but will be time-consuming for people taking part in the face-to-face interview.
  • The participation in the survey and, hence in the research project will be completely voluntary, and you can decline at any time or leave blank spaces to any questions that you feel uncomfortable to answer. The responses that you provide will remain anonymous and confidential, and the data provided will be kept locked in the researcher's hand disk and laptop for collective analysis by the researcher only.
  • The doctoral project offers a lot of benefits to industrial management, especially the modular home industry in Nebraska, as it will reveal the most appropriate leadership styles that have optimal benefits to the employees. The findings from the study will show how total quality management impacts the industry; hence the recommendations will seek to suggest the measures that should be taken to improve the overall experiences in the industry, thus, more contribution to the economy of the region.
  • If you agree to take part in the research project, please confirm in the consent form declaration below. In case you have any questions about the research project, please contact the researcher immediately.

This research is conducted in line with the IRB procedures for research that involves human subjects as participants.

Consent declaration: Please indicate/ mark appropriately.

I have read and understood the information, and I voluntary agree to take part in the study: Agree (_________)

I do not wish to take part in this research project: Disagree (__________)


Sign: _____________

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