Information and Technology Essay Sample

Published: 2022-11-02
Information and Technology Essay Sample
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21st century has been distinct by use of and progression in information technology (IT). Information technology has turned out to be an essential part of individuals' day-to-day life. As per the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), information technology is demarcated as "the study, project, growth, use, execution, support or managing of computer-based info structures." Information technology has assisted as a big alteration agent in diverse feature of commercial as well as culture. It has demonstrated game changer in determining financial and societal matters. Development and use of information technology are interminably varying or shifting. This paper highlights on pulse of current issues, trends and considerations and information technology and the social industries that utilizes them.

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This distinctive issue of computer in the institutions emphasizes on the worldwide growth of information and technology within learning. In the United States and other several nations, there is a speedily increasing interest in worldwide education and worldwide issues. This improved interest in the United States is positive, this is because American tutors have sometimes been alleged as ethnocentric as well as unconcerned about what happens in other nations. In addition, the current issues include information safety as some information is easily hacked resulting to insecurity in information and technology. This has served as a big threat in the internet of things. In as much as there are negative issues in the information and technology, there are also beneficial issues that several individuals in IT enjoy and this includes, learner achievement and accomplishment, data-informed choice making, tactical headship or governance, justifiable backing, data managing and control, affordable higher education, defensible enrolment, and next-cohort initiative IT among other.

On the other hand, several trends are also realized in the IT and this consists of mobile learning or application, cloud computing, analytics, individualized learning, and universal scholarship among others. Mobile application is developing trend in information technology. Additionally, it has turned out to be an achievement from the time of its institution. They are intended to run on smartphones, tablets as well as other mobile gadgets. They are accessible as a copy from several mobile operational systems like Samsung, Blackberry, Iphone, etc. Some of the mobile apps are accessible free while some include download price. The income collected is shared amongst app provider and app designer. Furthermore, another most communicated about conception in information technology is the cloud computing. Clouding computing is distinct as exploitation of computing facilities, for instance software in addition to hardware as a facility over a network. The field of analytics has grown many folds in recent years. Analytics is a process which helps in discovering the informational patterns with data. The sector of analytics is an amalgamation of statistics, computer software development as well as operations study. The area of analytics has revealed development in the sector of data analytics, prognostic analytics as well as societal analytics. Data analytics is a device used in maintenance of decision-making progression. It changes raw data into significant info. Predictive analytics is an instrument used to foretell forthcoming occasions based on existing and past information. Social media analytics is an instrument used by corporations to recognize and put up consumer requirements. The each varying sector of information technology has realized abundant improvement and variations in the previous years. And from the developing trend, it can be determined that its impact on business is ever rising, and it will support corporations to attend to clients well.

Information and technology (IT) have resulted in several businesses to visualize a fresh domain of leveraged information, it as well as assist in banking, education, societal issues and purchasing among others due to the current trends and issues. Better and advantageous communication in business services which has led to taking of the business to a higher level has been made more swiftly and easy. IT (information technology) has as well resulted in the improvement of the strategies of businesses. Several roles in improving business by supporting their commercial on the web, on social media and other several bases that technology generated has also been played by information technology (McDermott., 1999). As much as most people think on the negative impacts and effects of Information and Technology, it has really impacted a lot in business development as stated in the above argumentations. It has also led to emergence of various ways of tackling business issues inclusive of online banking and safe storage of finance among others. Moreover, the new technology is also said to have improved the living standards of individuals. This has increased the knowledge in individuals that has helped in dealing with several matters between them being health and environmental issues (Leonard., 2004). The impact on health is very strong as humans are able to conserve the environment, keeping it free from bacteria causing disease.

In conclusion, the new technology has really helped in numerous ways in life. The info has facilitated individuals to come to be more imaginative and all this has been achieved through the enhancement in the level of technology. It is with these argumentations as illustrated above that an individual can give praise to the new technology. The current trends and issues have led to realizations of the importance of information and technology among other things. This paper has highlighted or rather outlined some the current trends, issues and considerations in information and technology and the social industries that utilize them including how they use them.


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