Free Essay Example: Importance of Responsibility in Military

Published: 2023-02-09
Free Essay Example: Importance of Responsibility in Military
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Personal responsibility is a key and essential factor in the military. Soldiers have a great responsibility of protecting themselves and protecting each other while on the line of duty. Soldiers possess different responsibilities which are known as military occupation specialties(MOS). Whatever MOS a soldier occupies, he or she is held responsible for that duty since it greatly affects the success of the whole team. As members of a team, soldiers must work cohesively to ensure everyday tasks and missions are accomplished. When a sense of responsibility is instilled in the soldiers, it greatly impacts their general performance by motivating them to achieve their goals and helping them persevere in harsh conditions.

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Through the sense of responsibility, the soldiers take credit for exemplary performance and also be held liable for poor performance. The soldiers' primary objective is to ensure the country's security. However, soldiers in the military may be engaged in peacekeeping missions. During these missions, every soldier must understand his or her role and responsibilities to ensure the mission's success. Tactical mistakes are not accepted at all, as every person is accountable for a particular task. It is through individual awareness of personal responsibility that success is achieved.

Responsibility is a bond that directly binds a soldier to an event or relevant rules that regulates the general performance of a team (Britt). High responsibility exists where there are defined rules or guidelines are set towards the achievement of a particular mission. Each individual interprets the instructions as a personal responsibility relevant to their role in the mission. Therefore the overall success of a mission depends on the personal evaluation, understanding, and individual uptake of the guidelines. The key element that goes hand in hand with responsibility is discipline. In this, its not all about following orders or receiving punishment for wrongdoing but is the great desire to accomplish a task well. Discipline guides the soldiers to perform tasks and act correctly in severe conditions.

In conclusion, the success of an individual soldier or that of a team depends on how responsible each soldier is. Each individual is held liable to complete their tasks correctly according to the stipulated in the guidelines. It is essential for each soldier whether on the line of fire or at the control center to ensure the mission is successful, where there are no or minimal casualties, and the mission's objectives are achieved. Therefore, personal responsibility is very essential in this type of job. Lack of a sense of responsibility results in the mission's failure or even losses; therefore, the military ensures responsibility is upheld, and everyone is held liable for his or her actions.

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