Free Essay Sample on Importance of Music to People

Published: 2019-06-12
Free Essay Sample on Importance of Music to People
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Music is the central language that is understood by all races on earth. Research over time has shown that music is a priceless form of art that people cannot live without. This is because it invokes emotions and feelings within people and stirs up old memories (Juslin and John, 89). The world today is encompassed with music such that wherever people go, they are caught up in music be it in restaurants, barber shops, subways as well as shopping malls. As seen all over the world, more and more people are wearing headsets with their lives being immersed in music. It has become a part of peoples lives, and the norm is something that people cannot part with. Music has had a positive effect on guiding other forms of art. For example, in films holds stories together and is often played in the background. Music in films is used in guiding the emotions and supporting the context of the play. Music is so important that it is sometimes used by the producers to watch some rough cuts. The film is one example among many others like in television programs. Music, therefore, is like a therapy whose strong emotive force calms down, relaxes, de-stresses and motivates at hard times (Danley-Smith and Helen, 52). Music gives more meaning than spoken word and displays stronger emotive force.

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First of all, music changes the moods of its listeners as it transforms from bad to good and from good to better. Music also has a great impact on peoples emotions and state of mind. Listening to music gives human beings inspiration, motivation, and encouragement. It elevates a person from moments of depression and trying times. Research done in the past has established that there is something innate in human beings that give them the capacity to understand and respond to musical tones, rhythms, and patterns. This gives music a control of peoples perception of some issues in their daily lives. This can be witnessed as most people listen to music as they work out, in traffic, at work or in school. They often seek to draw inspiration to keep going on with life. Music can sometimes whisk a person from reality and can make time freeze. All of the things described deal with the human senses (Harvey and Michael, 102). There are moments in peoples lives where they feel sad, excited and happy by listening to music. These organized tones create an effect on peoples senses. Studies have done to show an agreement between emotions and musical scales, harmonies, and chords. It is difficult to think about life without music. Driving or eating in a fancy restaurant would be boring as music sets out melancholy of emotion.

Nevertheless, music is administered on the left and the right side of the brain, and thus it has the capability to spark inspiration and provide solace. Music enhances creativity and music therapy has been used to speed up the recovery process in patients. When a person enjoys a musical piece, they pay attention mostly to the lyrics. There are times that the lyrics can be enlightening and encouraging giving people the strength to go on with life. Music lovers refer to music as the food for the soul in that it can heal especially to those hope is dimming low. This is because it can invoke emotion and to stir up old memories. To support this, music inhibits a listeners soul allowing them to reminisce on memories through their daily lives. Music acts like a time machine that transports a person back in time allowing them to revisit old and forgotten music. For instance, in classical and country music where stories are being told, songs can paint great pictures arousing imagination and meditation on the listener. As inspiration sets in creativity is born. Creative minds have the abilities to discover and create innovations (Strimple, 32). Listening to music challenges a persons mind enabling them to tell stories of what they hear. It is the strength emanating from music that enables a person to have the creativity mind.

In addition to inspiration, motivation, and encouragement, music can create amazing musical images. It feeds refreshes and refines the souls of the listeners drifting them away into memories and deep thoughts. Music, therefore, brings love and joy, and thus music is love (Floros and Ernest, 34). Sometimes one may think that music imitates life, and life imitates music. Music also breathes life into the listeners. In a world of many languages and races, music is known as the universal language understood, spoken and loved by everybody. Music has something in it that brings people closer to their families and friends thus it acts a unifying factor. Despite its entertaining nature, music unites people, creates love and enables people to appreciate the different cultures. It is through the love of music that people come together. Deep in peoples hearts, what they yearn for the most is true love. However, in this complex world, such love barely exists. This is why most people turn to music especially the love songs which hold the love that they are after. For those who feel unhappy and are low in spirit, for example, after intense break-ups find solace in love songs. Such people will always go for songs that express love and those that sympathize with their situation.

To conclude, binds and joins people. It is a form of art that both musicians and non-musicians interact on daily basis. The importance of music in the lives of people cannot be underestimated. Music inspires, motivates and encourages people in hard times. It also enables people to meditate as it resurrects old memories throwing people back into deep thoughts. Finally, music is the art that defies diversity and any differences thus uniting all people. Music is love and a tool for emanating a powerfully memorable expression among people. Music is the simply the divine way to tell beautiful and poetic things to the hearts of people. Music is beautiful in that there is a style of each person (Spaeth, 96). Due to the importance that music brings to our lives, it is, therefore, to try and spread it the communities and the world at large. Those who act like they do not know or understand any genre of music should be introduced to music that will interest them so as they can reap the benefits that music brings. As years pass by, more and more music is being introduced, and more genres are being discovered. Music says all kinds of things that an ordinary person would not be able to express. People need music to express themselves and their emotions whether sadness or happiness. People need music to express things that are important and need to be let out.

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