Free Essay on Implementing Performance Management Communication Plan

Published: 2022-04-18
Free Essay on Implementing Performance Management Communication Plan
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The case study on accounting Inc. about performance management communication plan nearly handled all questions required to be addressed. A good communication plan should address questions on: what is performance management, how performance management relates to their strategies, and benefits of the system to employees. It should also provide a guideline on how the system works, and employee's roles in the system's implementation, the relationship between performance management with other initiatives, relevant performance measures and feedback (De Waal, 2013).

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Firstly, the communication plan answered the question on how performance management relates to the organizational strategies. Information was given on how the performance management system will help to achieve the organizational strategic goals and objectives. The plan describes the benefits of the new performance management system to employees and all other parties involved. Additionally, there is a clear outline and processes of how the system works. The processes should be documented in a way each party understood them and reviewed to access adherence to the operations by the employees. Next, the system ensured clarity on the roles and responsibilities of the employees in the organization. This gives a clear job description which ensures employees understand the expectations and functions of their job. Lastly, the plan responded to the question of relevant performance measures and feedback (De Waal, 2013). Performance measures give the indicators on whether the team is working towards realizing organizational goals or not and performance feedback helps employees to observe and correct themselves where they are going outside the set objectives (Rothwell, 2018).

However, the case study has failed to respond to the question of the relationship between performance management and other initiative and what performance management is. In response to these two questions, employees need a good understanding of performance management to implement a system whose significance they understand. Training should be conducted to give the basic knowledge on performance management, the importance of the system, the gap to be filled by the system and objectives of implementing it. The plan should provide information on how performance management relates to other organizational systems like staff training and development, promotion and public relations among others (Goetsch, 2014).

Briefly, a good performance management system should respond to the entire seven questions to ensure effectiveness in meeting the goals of implementing it. It should reflect the ideas of defining roles, measuring, tracking and monitoring, regulating and reporting on the progress thus ensuring employees' functions and operations matches with the organizational goals.


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