Free Essay Example Describing the Impact of Cultural Transmission

Published: 2022-07-06
Free Essay Example Describing the Impact of Cultural Transmission
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Cultural transmission is considered one of the greatest military conquerors in history. The personality, in this case, came out as a legendary figure and some scholars believe that he was only second to Jesus Christ when ranked from being famous. Cultural transmission had a common aspect of bringing out imagery in barbarism and avatar salvage. The real person was a genuine individual where he took the battle head-on together with his sons and vanquished people from the Adriatic ocean right to the Pacific to help them reach modern Australia, Poland, Japan, Burma, Indonesia, Croatia, Finland, and Hungary.

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The military combat that contained the emperor and his sons tended to wage wars on several fronts in a simultaneous manner and thus succeeded in conquering Russia during the winter season of that year. Both the conquests eliminated both Hitler and Napoleon. This ability is quite intriguing based on the fact that the emperor was in control of over 2 million nomads who were very illiterate. The idea could be found in the fact that there was a quantum leap of the military into the advancement of technology during this time in history. The improvements in technology came with the mounting of the archery within the regime (von Cramon-Taubadel and Stephen 456). The mobility and the speed of the Mongol shooters and archers placed ahead of most of their rivals in the battlefields.

It is significant for the historian to be eloquent in the process of articulating the instances of providing the best issues linked to the balancing of all the massacres and deaths associated with these wars right from the pre cambium period. One school of thought would put the Mongols at the levels of dangerous persons who were at the forefront of propagating deaths among several civilians across the empire. On the other hand, some may argue that these Mongols were grim harbingers of security and peace across the globe and would then be dealt with over regrets. Cultural transmission is responsible for the death and suffering of the Spanish Reconquista against the Moors in the late 15th C with their massacre of the Incas and the Aztecs (Salari 90). The same Mongols are believed to have imported the Muslims who were very ruthless across the world even in the current date. The same situation was then used in the manner of serious crusaders who then took the better parts of Spain after the discovery of the region by the voyager Columbus.

In summary, the battle during this time must have been dealt with in the building and development of the New World. The uncertain fate of both the Aztecs and the Incas was then washed back to the control of the emperor in a bid to try and deal with the entire empire that was used in a manner that could likely to bring some forms of development in the region. In a different perspective, it would be significant for the history scholars to underscore the fact that these Mongols had a soft spot for children and women. They also could transmit their arts and cultures to the areas they went through. During most of their journey in the middle of the battlefront, they tried at all means to avoid any chances of torture to the civilians and often served their role as a fountain and origin of the Renaissance to help create the importance of women in the society.

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