Human Resource Management Essay Example

Published: 2022-08-31
Human Resource Management Essay Example
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During their initial meeting, what "noise" was present that hindered Miguel and Pilar's ability to communicate successfully?

Miguel was excited about his previous performance of accomplishment he made on the Jezebel project. Miguel was distracted to the extent that he answered his phone after it rang, such that the most notable noise assed to Miguel's inability to pay attention. On the other hand, Pilar failed to explain the essence of the issue, instead she went ahead with Miguel's conversation, and even hyped him several times on his success. The meeting ended up to be a failure.

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What components of active listening did Miguel demonstrate (or fail to)?

Miguel was ineffective in listening, he did not pay attention to what Pilar was talking about during the meeting and failed to demonstrate elements of an effective listener all though. Miguel was filled with anxiety and it was needed for him to get some time and relax before getting into the meeting since he appeared to be pre-occupied and distracted. He failed to maintain eye contact with Pilar while she was speaking to him and instead directed his attention in looking around the room and his phone.

What could Pilar have done to get Miguel's full attention in the initial meeting?

Pilar could have started the meeting by briefly congratulating Miguel only once. Then proceed on by introducing him on the meeting and informing him what the meeting was all about in order to capture his attention to the matters to be discussed.

How did Miguel's behavior change the second meeting? What indicators were there that he was listening?

When comparing with the initial meeting, Miguel showed a drastic change in behavior during the second interview. Some of the indicators that affirmed that Miguel is effectively listening at Pilar is when he soberly reacts when he hears that his account will be taken off from him after what had happened in aftermath of their task towards Gesibelle on campaigns. Miguel expressions show his concerns regarding the removal of his account and he is keen to know how they can resolve the matter and not to lose their clients in future.

What communication network was present in this scenario? Use examples from the scenario to support your answer.

The communication network that is presented in this case study is a chain network. Pilar as Meguel's boss, initiates the communication since she is in the top helm of administration and then Miguel responds to her. Pillar gives direction that expects Miguel to follow, respective to workplace protocol.

P: Ok, what we need to start with, is as I said, a report, I think by Friday. And then we can sit down on Tuesday and discuss it, and I can take a look at it.

M: So over the weekend you mean?

P: Yeah.

M: Ok, so Friday I will bring you a report, or I will have someone come in and bring you the report for sure.


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