Essay Sample on Human Resource Management: A Case of Netflix

Published: 2023-12-16
Essay Sample on Human Resource Management: A Case of Netflix
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The human resource management is a critical function of any organization because it manages an essential asset, the workforce. Contemporary human resource function varies significantly from what it was decades ago, considering management changes alongside technological developments and new models of flexibility. Human resource function has to maximize worker contribution and commitment by representing employees to senior management and empathizing with them (Ekuma, 2015). A company's success is bound to good work culture and philosophy because employees are the core of any organization.

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About Netflix

Entertainment comes to mind with the mention of the word "Netflix." This famous organization offers people worldwide the chance to stream commercial-free TV shows and movies online for an affordable monthly fee with no commitment. The focus of Netflix is straightforwardness, relief from frustration, freedom, flexibility, and personal experience, according to the article in this link; In terms of competition, the article points out that linear networks are no threat to Netflix; however, video piracy is a significant opponent considering it is free, global, offering a broad spectrum. Netflix's global availability brings in the aspect of cultural mix and variances in content, which by the rapid technological and internet progress is no longer a challenge (Netflix Investors, 2020).

Culture and Philosophy

Philosophy and culture at the workplace stand for people management, which is the function of human resource management. Good command of employees is bound to enhance organizational performance. Netflix seems to understand too well the implications of taking care of employee welfare because its core philosophy is people over process, as reported in this link; Netflix encourages collaboration, information sharing, and viewpoint diversity and discourages politics (Netflix, n.d.). High pay to employees, self-discipline, independent decision-making, openness, trust, rule avoidance, and retaining only effective employees is part of Netflix's culture (Netflix, n.d.). The philosophy of Netflix is to look for talent, hire only excellent workers, and release people with obsolete skills. High severance pay is the best thing one can do for employees. The philosophy of Netflix aims at offering convenience for best performance, for instance, helping employees rise in their career path, provide compensation in terms of stocks or salary, and allowing leave at one's convenience, according to the report in this link;

Alignment of Culture and Philosophy with Strategy

Employees work best with autonomy, freedom of expression, and a culture where one feels a sense of belonging. With such a culture in place, an organization is bound to do well because motivated employees give an extra performance, and excess is the core of success. The act of forgoing formalities, for instance, in attaining leave of absence, vacation packages, communication, helps employees take charge of their work, focus and do better. Netflix intends to meet global governments' expectations, improve policies to differentiate streaming entertainment from linear TV (Netflix Investors, 2020). Such a strategic plan requires that employees offer their top performance, which means they should be highly motivated. The philosophy and culture of Netflix reflect a conducive work environment that provides employees with a perfect work-life balance, excellent compensation, and complete work autonomy. Netflix has become the king of entertainment; the highlight of family time and its culture and philosophy has a significant role in this success.


In conclusion, managing people well pave the way for success in any organization. Netflix is proof that good working culture and philosophy go a long way in enhancing an organization's performance. Netflix offers freedom and convenience, which is all an employee needs for motivation. Giving employees the option of a salary or stocks, leave of absence at one's convenience, open and candid communication platforms, high severance packages are some of the characteristics of Netflix's culture that enables it to be on top of streaming entertainment.


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