Personal Experience Essay on How Moving to Washington Changed My Life

Published: 2019-05-27
Personal Experience Essay on How Moving to Washington Changed My Life
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Almost everyone has a defining moment or something that has played a crucial role in their life. The purpose of this paper is to illustrate how moving to Washington completely changed my life.

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One April morning almost a decade ago, my parents woke me up and escorted me to take a cab. She gave me a jacket, It might be cold there. These were only a few words she was spoken. We headed straight to the Mexico City International Airport with both of my parents. We got to meet a man had never seen, who I got introduced. My parents informed me that he was my uncle who was staying in Washington. He joyfully held my hand and moved to board an airplane being the first time in my entire life. I was twelve years old during that time.

My parents wanted to give me an enhanced life that is why they decided to send me thousands of kilometers far from home to live with her uncle in America. After my arrival in Washington, I had to continue with my studies, and I got admitted in the sixth grade and swiftly grew to like my new family, home, and culture. I developed a passion for learning a new language; however, it was difficult to determine the dissimilarity between American slang and formal English. Some of my primary memories are of a speckled kid in middle class asking me, Whats up? I answered, The sky, and him and other children could laugh. I learned the eighth-grade spelling bee by remembering words I could not appropriately pronounce. From poor English, I developed to someone who could fluently speak English just like a native English speaker. My developments impressed. Mountain View School turned to be my second home. I was voted to symbolize my school during school board conferences, and this gave me an opportunity to come across and befriend Fischer Rich, the administrator for our school district. I also joined the debate and speech team, performed in school plays and finally became co-editor of The Light, the student newsprint. That attracted the care of my principal Hyland Pat. Rich and Pat would shortly become mentors, and with time, nearly surrogate parentages for me.

I dedicated most of my time to studies and I performed so well in school after which I joined a community college next to where we were living, and pursued journalism, a course the course of my dream. From a humble background to an individual who now have a great future. My life entirely changed, and I love the idea of my parents allowing me to move to Washington to gain a better life. I started my job search by getting involved in unpaid internship programs but later I was happy to get a full-time job the newspaper printing company. They had good wages and this shaped my life since I had grown up and could now take care of myself as well as my parents back home in Mexico.

In conclusion, moving to Washington played a crucial role in shaping my life. As an individual from a humble background, my uncle was able to take to the best school that offered the best education to me. I worked hard in school and earned myself a better job that put me to be self-dependent.

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