Free Essay: How Globalization and Technology Changes Have Impacted Uber Company

Published: 2022-02-18
Free Essay: How Globalization and Technology Changes Have Impacted Uber Company
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Globalization and modern technology have led to increased use of Uber services globally. Globalization has enabled many companies to invest in various countries (Terry, Mark, & Gordon, 2011). For instance, foreign direct investment is being exercised due to globalization. Uber has evolved from an app that focused on fancy cars to a highly recognized corporation in the transport sector. The company has dramatically grown due to its strategy that focused on use of technology. Furthermore, global development has enabled Uber to invest in many countries and become one of the most recognized transport companies. Using advanced technology, Uber has designed new services such as the UberPOOL, which has attracted more customers. Also, the UberPOOL has helped the company to conserve the environment since it reduces emissions.

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Industrial Organization Model and the Resource-based Model to determine how Uber could Earn Above-Average Returns

Organizations can use industrial organization models and the resource-based model to improve their performance. In this case, Uber can use the industrial organization model to enhance its productivity since it focuses on the external environment of the company (Montgomery, 2011). For instance, using the model, Uber can focus on other companies in the transport sector and design better strategies that will attract and maintain its customers. Also, the company can concentrate on its decision-makers using the model since they influence the performance of the company (Montgomery, 2011). For instance, the company can ensure that the decision-makers are skilled and can invent new ideas to help the company improve its productivity. On the other hand, the company can use the resource-based model to enhance its productivity since it focuses on the internal environment of a company (Montgomery, 2011). For instance, the company can focus on its strengths and weaknesses and ensure that it turns its weaknesses into strengths.

How the Vision Statement and Mission Statement of Uber Influence its Overall Success

Mission statements in organizations play a significant role reason being that they help an organization to market its products and services. Uber has designed strong vision and mission statements to ensure that it attracts more customer. Correspondingly, the company has been using its visions and mission statements to market its services ("Download", 2018). Uber has listed its mission and vision statement on its website, and that has led to the rapid repute of its prominent services. Uber's mission states, "To bring transportation for everyone, everywhere." Uber's Vision states, "smarter transportation with fewer cars and greater access, transportation that is safer, inexpensive, and more consistent; transportation that creates more job opportunities and higher incomes for drivers," ("Download" 2018). The mission and vision statements have attracted many customers and have much helped the company to achieve its goals. For instance, when uber is establishing its metrics, the vision and mission statements have been used as a way of influencing customers to use their services, including creating an Uber app. Also, the mission and vision statement has enabled Uber to plan its marketing and operational planning, and that has maintained the organization's venerated customers in the transport sector.

How Stakeholder Impacts the Overall Success of Uber Company

Drivers in Uber play a significant role and influence the performance of the company. Well-trained drivers have led to the improved performance of Uber Company. Also, disciplined drivers have attracted many customers, and this has an impact on the overall performance of the company. Clients are also one of the main stakeholders of the company. The clients have helped the company to achieve its goal, whereby many people are using Uber services, and have helped the company to expand and achieve its goals. The company executives have also impacted the overall performance of the company, whereby they have invented various strategies to improve its services and attract more clients. Also, the directors have focused on technology, which has helped the company to achieve its goals.



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