A Plan of Action for Molson. Marketing Essay Example.

Published: 2019-09-24
A Plan of Action for Molson. Marketing Essay Example.
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After the issue that Molson Canada came across which involved campaigning the media market, they had a plan which targeted expansion of their audience and a more engaging activity. Since they were not certain on the most efficient method or approach that they would use, they preferred to go for advertisement of agency Henderson Bas in the marketing campaign. They planned on increasing their awareness whereby they made public their products through Facebook and reached out 17,500 fans. They targeted their audience and reached out to their audience as the campaign proceeded into the universities and even colleges.

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Molson came up with an action plan that would see to it that their decision to target more audience was executed to the later. They considered the option of increasing their participation through uploading the photos to the virtual dorm room on Facebook. For a school to be considered as number one party school, it had to be the top in uploading many photos compared to the other school. To create more attention and attract the students on the action, they came up with a strategy that would recognize the best student in uploading the photos would be offered an opportunity by Molson Canada whereby he or she would get a trip to Cancun, Mexico during spring. The winner will break for a trip with their friends a maximum of three and enjoy themselves.

The plan also involved the interest such as the Cold Shots Amped Up game and a section that would incorporate party finders. The approach of launching the photos on social media came as an excellent idea since it could demonstrate the schools embodiment to party spirit. The social media site created would provide the challenge that will allow all the universities and colleges to participate all over the globe.

The arrangement will be orderly whereby the page will be split into dorm rooms whereby they will stand for different schools. The winning of a school will earn prestige and become proud to be the greatest top school in the party. The action plan will be undertaken to restore competition and the youths pride together with invoking the spirit of success. Molson claimed that the plan would be focusing on leveraging the students institutional pride and allow people to get a glimpse of all the activities that are undertaken in the school. The action would use social media as a passage to make their decisions in matters appertaining to the best school and person to engage more people and attract a lot of participants.

The primary purpose of using the social media and carrying out the strategy is to make sure that a lot of people are targeted, and social media is the magnificent place where people go to every day. Molson took advantage of this to make sure that no resistance was met with the university officials. The plan aimed at reaching an ultimatum where the launching of their campaign would commence and so will be the party.

The participation of the students would be for many reasons and a holiday break in Mexico would serve this purpose. Putting the context on Facebook is for the benefit of the students since it is an accessible channel that they are conversant with and more so comfortable with. They considered this strategy since a lot of student in that age take leverage to schools that are famous and known for activities like leading in parties. The method was suitable as it is only logical to engage people in a way that they feel that they fit in.

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