Hourly Nursing Rounds. Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-08-16
Hourly Nursing Rounds. Free Essay Example
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1. Describe what hourly nursing rounding means.

Hourly nursing rounds is the practice of nurses and other nursing personnel, such as students’ nurses and nursing aides, making purposeful visits to patients' rooms and bedsides in hospitals and other healthcare facilities (Wilson, 2017). Hourly rounds are a consistent and predictable interaction between the nursing staff and the patients. As the name suggests, the shots are done on a schedule, and specific interventions are carried out for the patient. These interventions include but are not limited to pain management, toileting, proper positioning in bed, ensuring a clutter-free room with the call bell and phone within reach, ensuring privacy, etc. The goal of hourly nursing rounds is not only to improve actual patient care but also the patient's perception of the attention given (Wilson, 2017).

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2. Why do nurses complete hourly rounding?

Nurses complete hourly rounding because it is a proactive way of addressing the anticipated needs of the patient, e.g. pain, toileting, positioning in bed, and proximity to essential items. It then reduces any anxiety on the part of the patient while improving patient safety, service quality and overall satisfaction. Nursing hourly rounds also enable nursing staff to work in tandem to complete the tasks outlined in the patient care plan (Wilson, 2017). Also, the nursing staff can observe any progress or deterioration in the patient's condition and make the necessary modifications to the nursing plan (Wilson, 2017). During the rounds, nurses also check for any preventable diseases in the patient such as foot drop, pressure sores and falls. Finally, nurses carry out hourly rounds to improve the workflow and the time management of staff. It ensures more detailed documentation of patient progress and streamlines shift change-overs. It results in increased satisfaction of the nursing staff, enhanced teamwork and less fatigue and burnout.

3. How can you better collaborate with the nursing team and this patient and her son?

The first step would be to employ therapeutic communication skills with the patient, both in the presence of the son and in his absence. The goal of this would be to create a safe space for the patient to share any information, concerns or anxieties that she may be having. Moreover, for this particular patient, the best approach is to use the team nursing model. This model of care enables registered nurses to oversee a team of nursing staff members to take care of a group of patients (Wilson, 2017). Consequently, this allows staff to work collaboratively and share responsibilities, including answering call lights. Since the responsibility to see to the patient’s needs will be shared amongst the nursing staff, there will be a smooth transition of duties with a focus on the patient, without causing fatigue or frustration amongst the nursing staff.


Wilson, L. W. (2017). Nursing Staff Responsiveness to Patients and Hourly Rounding.

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