Hostel Development, Essay Example for Everyone

Published: 2022-05-19
Hostel Development, Essay Example for Everyone
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Hostels are places that are mostly set aside for the purpose of hosting individuals that are in need of shelter for a short period of time. For this reason, hostels then need to meet certain requirement to ensure the comfort, security, and the purpose that the occupant wishes to use it for.

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Hostels can be a good way to invest your money especially if there are institutions such as universities and colleges around. As a potential investor, there is need o know what people actually look for in hostels. The knowledge will help you come up with hostels that will ear returns to the money that you invested. There are some of the things that potential occupants look for;

Reliable and free WiFi connection- most of the people who occupy hostels are mostly business people, travels, and students. After a long day of performing their daily tasks, such people need access to a reliable internet access to further conduct the tasks they had left incomplete. Others may need the internet service to face time with their families and friends back at home. A majority of people who occupy guesthouses complain of poor internet connection. Thus ensuring your hostels have fast and free WiFi access will set them at a higher rank than competitors

Strategically placing electric outlets- potential occupants of your hostels have never spent another time there. Therefore, they do not have a good idea of where you have placed your electric outlets. Looking for electric outlets that are not strategically located becomes a frustrating game for occupants. Some occupants even go to the extent of moving furniture just to look for the outlets. You as an investor, you need to provide multiple electric outlets located at convenient places such as near the bed or at the desk. Offering such a simple detail in your hostel will make you occupants happy and satisfied.

Offering extra furnitures such as working desk and lap desk- as I mentioned earlier, most of the people who occupy hostels are either business people on a business trip, travels or students. Even after long days of making deals, contracts or making sales, a number of business people will want to do more work in their rooms. On the part of the students, some may wish to do some assignment in the comfort of their hostels. As an investor, you can make their lives a bit less hectic by providing them with simple desks where they can conduct their extra activities.

Simple room service such as providing the occupants with bottled water- most attendants assigned with the task of looking after hostels are never as clean as they are required. Some may accidentlly contaminate drinking glasses and their action may result to the occupant suffering from infections. To avoid such incidents from happening in the hostel, you as the investor can decide to provide your clients with clean bottled water. A simple gesture can improve your service score and the clients may refer other people to come and stay in your hostels.

Offering ironing services- you decide to offer your clients with ironing services at an extra fee. This will not only increase your earnings but will also ensure that they do not use iron boxes that may damage your electric outlets.

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