Essay Sample on Hospitalists: Critical Services, Motivation and Scope of Practice

Published: 2023-08-31
Essay Sample on Hospitalists: Critical Services, Motivation and Scope of Practice
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Being a hospitalist requires a piece of advanced knowledge and skills to critically and exceptionally engage in activities or services that yield fruitful results in the healthcare setting. First, hospitalists should be recognized and rewarded for their critical services for patients and ever accessibility, to motivate them and leverage their morale of work (Jackson et al., 2019). Secondly, there should be a clear definition of scope and rule between the hospital as a whole, hospitalists, and the medical staff. This will promote shared understanding; thus, hospitalists can have clarity concerning the standards of work, hence perform better to achieve the strategic goals (Noyes & Healy, 1999). Other requirements include offering proper alignment of the roles played by hospitalists and emergency department, and providing training and development practices for Hospitalists to become more skillful and knowledgeable; thus, gain the power of achieving strategic goals (Kulaga et al., 2004).

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Requirements by Hospitalists to Manage Local Improvements

The fundamental requirement for hospitalists to efficiently manage local improvements is the availability of resources. Hospitals need to have empathy and proper planning so that adequate resources are allocated for hospitalists to better engage in the quality improvement services at the community-based level (Ex, 2008). Ideally, this can be achieved by supporting the affinity diagramming, that allows the hospital to accept and trust the ideas by hospitalists on the potential areas of improvement. Additionally, the framework outlines that proper communication is a crucial factor, such that hospitalists and all other vital sectors that delivered services to patients understand their roles in the local areas.

Requirements by Hospitalists to Develop Human Resources

The vital key to developing human resources by Hospitalist is through improving the extent or nature of resource utilization. To ensure this, human-centered design approach should be employed while planning for the use of resources, so that hospitalist is provided with an ultimate framework or procedures for using the resources (Jackson et al., 2019). This design ensures that before resource distribution to the hospitalists, there is a mutual understanding between the hospitalists and the entire medical staff through an empathetic approach (p. 19). Suggested should then be defined for better clarity, identify critical issues or areas of concern, prototype, and test for the predicted framework for refinement purposes.


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