Essay Sample on Home Safety Checklist

Published: 2023-10-30
Essay Sample on Home Safety Checklist
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Use this checklist as you walk through each room in your home and check for hazards. You should check off each item in this list (when applicable to your home). If you are unable to check off an item, be sure to fix it within an appropriate time frame.

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√_Have a sturdy step stool with handrails, or a utility ladder to reach high cabinets or shelves

√_Hazardous products (household cleaners, disinfectants and insecticides) are stored in their original labeled containers separate from food

√_Knives are kept in a special rack or compartment

√_Oven mitts, pot holders and towels are stored away from the stove

√_Pot handles are always turned away from the front of the stove

√_The pressure gauge on a fire extinguisher is checked monthly – if the needle is in green it is still good, if the needle is anywhere else, replace

√_Fire extinguisher is mounted on a bracket on the wall near an exit Broiler, oven and ventilation ducts are free from grease


√_Have a slip-resistant surface in the shower or tub

√_Grab bars are installed in bathrooms or shower stalls

√_Electrical appliances are unplugged when not in use

√_Slip-resistant rugs are in place on bathroom floors

Living Room

√Have a safety screen in place in front of fireplace

√Slip-resistant floor coverings and rugs on floor

√Walkways are clear of obstacles (toys, papers, shoes)

√Stairs, hallways and passageways are well lit

√Sturdy handrails installed on all steps and stairways

√Carpeting, stairway treads and risers are in good condition

√Electrical cords are secured

√TVs are properly secured to walls or in or on a sturdy cabinet


√Phone and flashlight are located near beds

√Lamp or light switch is within reach of bed

√Bed frame is against wall without gaps

√Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are outside of sleeping area, with working battery

√Walkway and all exit routes are clear of clutter

Basement or utility room

√A working smoke detector are located in the basement and every other floor

√Gas and water lines are tagged (so you can turn them off in an emergency)

√The location of main electrical switch is known

√It is known how to light the pilot on your gas furnace and water heater

√The washer and dryer are electrically grounded

√Tools are properly stored and out of reach of children

√Have an emergency kit in case of hazardous weather

Garage and driveway

√Power tools and hazardous chemicals are locked away in cabinets

Flammable materials (gasoline or oil-soaked rags) are stored in appropriate safety containers

√It is known to never turn on your vehicle or other gas-powered equipment with the garage door closed

√Garage and driveway are well maintained and free of slip and trip hazards, such as cracks or uneven surfaces

Outside the house

√Lighting in place around steps, walkways, patios and driveways

√Children’s play equipment, (slides, swing set) are securely anchored

√If you have a pool, it is covered or surrounded by a high fence

√Trees and shrubs around your home are maintained by trimming overhanging branches and removing leaves from gutters

√Heavy snow is removed from the roof with a roof rake

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