Essay Sample on Hemo-allergeyes

Published: 2020-08-13 22:28:20
Essay Sample on Hemo-allergeyes
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Hemo-allergeyes is a condition of the eyes that is characterized by unusual bulging or protrusion of the eyeballs, making the eyes appear way bigger than they should be. It is a non-communicable disease with a three-part name. The first part, hemo, means blood, the second part, allerge, signifies an allergic reaction while the third part, eye, points to the body part that is affected. Sometimes, this condition is also referred to as Clarks syndrome. This is a name after a pathologist by the name Clark Hudson, who discovered the causes of this condition and came up with a treatment for it. In laymans language, the common name for this condition is big eyes. This is simply due to the most conspicuous characteristic of the disease.

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The body part that is directly affected by this condition is the eyes. However, several other body systems, glands, nerves, tissues and vessels are indirectly affected. For instance, the thyroid gland of the eye is usually affected as it is made overactive causing it to swell. This leads to the development of a defective immune system in the sick persons body. The muscles and fatty tissues encompassing and behind the eye may also get destroyed or become infected. Furthermore, the blood vessels in the eyes end up becoming abnormally shaped and their functioning is disrupted. This may lead to bleeding from the eyes as manifested by red eyes as one of the symptoms of the disease.

This condition is non-discriminative as it may affect anybody, especially those with an underactive thyroid gland. However, smoking is said to increase the chances of a person getting the condition. Women who are between 30-50years in the UK are also said to be more vulnerable as they are usually more predisposed to getting thyroid eye disease that is a risk factor for hemo-allergeyes. Consequently, this condition is also most likely to affect infants who are born with shallower that normal eye sockets. This condition commonly affects people with a family history of the condition, those who are undergoing constant stressful events and those with poor immunity levels. The low and middle-income earners in any country are the ones who are primarily affected.

An ophthalmologist is a specialist responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of hemo-allergeyes. Among the diagnosis, procedures is a physical exam to determine the condition of the eye socket and a blood test to assess the working of the thyroid glands. For more detailed results, a Computerized Tomography Scan (CT Scan) and a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scan (MRI Scan) are usually carried out. In case of abnormal thyroid hormone levels, the services of an endocrinologist are sort. Once diagnosis is complete, possible treatment options for the condition include medication to bring the levels of thyroid hormone in the body back to normal, further medication to correct inflammation of the eyes and where necessary, corrective surgery is performed to return the eyes to their normal appearance.

Despite the efforts to treat the condition, hemo-allergeyes can leave a person with problems that might never end. These complications include double vision or unclear vision that is caused by the impairment of muscles responsible for the movement of the eyeballs. The eyes may also be experiencing a frequent itchy sensation and may tear every once in a while especially when exposed to an allergen. In addition to this, a person may not be able to close their eyes completely for the rest of their lives and may become photophobic, that is, their eyes develop sensitivity towards light.

It is, therefore, more important to focus on the prevention aspect of this condition instead of waiting to have to deal with the long-term disadvantages. Preventive measures include eye protection especially from mechanical injury from objects or even too much light. Other remedies like quitting smoking are also important.

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