Essay Example on Heinz Research Method

Published: 2019-06-26
Essay Example on Heinz Research Method
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This research method did not take lots of time from participant that is why the responses rate was much better. Organisation send their surveys through the website to emails which were held on the company on the database of their customers and then collect their answers automatically and do not require lots of time. This research method provides Heinz with the quantitative type of data as it is based on the numerical data and numerical responses of the customers and as well this helps to compare the results faster and easier.

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This research method is suitable and the right one for Heinz because the brand was able to create questions which were specifically linked to the gluten free products and frozen meals, as well this method helps customers to avoid launching because the data and information is updated.

Heinz took all responsibility on collecting, analysing data for the surveys and as well creating the survey and questions for it. This market research method is a convenient one for the company that is why they had a high response rate for the surveys. The results of the survey affected the products price, six, packaging and ingredients because all this factors were adjusted for the potential customers needs and wants. As well the results of the survey gave the ability to Heinz to identify their target group for products such as frozen meals and gluten free products.

The online survey benefits are refers to offer accessibility for participants and this have then a positive effect on the accuracy, reliability and validity of the whole survey.. This high response have a positive impact on the research as Heinz is able to identify the target group, customers needs and wants and also organisation were able to answer for their own questions about the gluten free products and frozen meals.

At this same time the online surveys has some disadvantages, where Heinz can not fully trust for the answers , because people may lie to the answer that they were given or it also might be biased. As well as competitors of Heinz may answer their questions in the survey which were affected massively the whole research. As well there are people who do not use Internet on a daily base or do not check their email everyday so they would not be able to answer the survey questions and Heinz lose the number of answers. Therefore in the database there are not all emails of the customers, as the number of customers increase on a daily base and new customers with gluten free diet might not be included in the sample.

In order to improve online surveys market research methods Heinz should ask their customers to register on their web page in order to make sure that they are a real people and then sent a special; letter that confirm that they have been registered and include their password. This help to avoid the situations when competitors are answer the questions in the survey. As well the process of registering include personal details such as age, gender, geographical location and etc., which give the ability to the Heinz to have an image of their target group. This method is not time and sot consuming, bit it would be better if the Heinz use face to face surveys in order to compare the answers with the online surveys and find the best solution.

Industry Reports: Industry repots as a market research method was useful and accessible for the Heinz. The research method is nor easily accessible because it requires people to pay for the report and not each person has its own credit card, whereas it helps to decrease the number of people who would gain the data from the report.

This method is not cost effective as the only things that Heinz is require to do is to pay for the document which cost approximately 40 pounds .This type of market research is not expensive for the Heinz, but anyway not each organisation can have an excess for the information that the reports contains. Industry reports offer the qualitative and quantitative type of data and it is includes such information as the analysis of data and the trends. As well this method gives the ability for the Heinz to identify the qualitative data for the products that they are going to launch and data includes target market, trends and competitors of the new products. This method helps to safe time for the company and Heinz was not need to spend time on research the special statistic which would possible cost much more money for the company.

But anyway this research method has got some disadvantages, where the reports in the internet might be created by other business or competitors which putted the wrong data and information in it ,such as the wrong strategies in order to force other business to use them and do not have a success in their sales. So industry reports research method is not fully reliable, that is why I suggest to use reports from the newspaper which are usually checked by the government before coming up to the sales in stores all around the country or to use reports which are located on the government websites because the information there is more reliable and based on the statistics from the government.

Heinz needs to click on the hyperlink below and than they could have an access to the full report which were written on behalf of the government.


Focus Groups:Focus groups market research method is the most suitable for identifying the behaviour and opinions of potential employees for Heinz. Through this research Heinz gain qualitative data which might be not always useful, but it gives the ability for the organisation to understand customers attitudes about their products, and they would truthful as the process is based on face to face interview where interviewer can analyse the behaviour of interviewee.

This method have some benefits which refers to understand who gave you the particular answer and enables Heinz to understand customer opinions. On this base the organisation could quickly produce changes in products and satisfy the wants and needs of people such as smell, taste, price, size and etc of products.

On the other hand this method has some disadvantages, where the first one is that this method is very expensive and in comparing with other primary research methods this is the most cost effective. This is because Heinz was required to prepare the place where the research process was hold on. Heinz was needed to rent the venue, equipment and furniture which was quite expensive. As well as the supportive paper documents for the focus groups such as surveys were also cost effective.

The second disadvantage was bias people who could impact negatively the final idea, because during the discussion process they interact their biases ideas while other participants sharing each other thoughts and beliefs. Where is Heinz is trying to reduce biases by moderation the answers and always trying to find the real and reliables ones.

There are two different ways of how to improve the focus group research method. The first one would be based on the reducing the amount of participants, where it would be more useful for the Heinz to invite only employees and other staff members from departments such as production and marketing which have a good knowledge or products such as ready meals and gluten fee products. As well this process could be held in one of the organisational office in Heinz and all of this factors helps to make this process less cost effective, where company needs to prepare less paper documents such as surveys and do not need to rent the venue for the market research process.

The second suggestion is to find out person who has an experience and a good knowledge of moderating the biases and employ him or him. But not always it is a good idea, because the person might be from their competitors organisation and it would be better if Heinz find out the person from their workforce, who is reliable and was working in the company for long time and produce for him some training based on moderating.

Sales Figures: This method is refers to monitoring the amount of sales of the existing products which are similar to those ones that Heinz is going to make. Where Heinz identified that the amount of their sales of new products will increased overtime and this is also gave the man image of which product would have the biggest demand. They were using the real sales in their research and it was relevant. This was necessary for Heinz to analyse the sales before introducing the new products to the market as it gave the ability to the company to satisfy the needs and wants of their target market as much as possible. For example Heinz understood that nowadays lots of people have lots of work and busy day, and they are not able to cook their meals, where ready meals are the suitable products for them which do not require to much time for preparing them, just put the ready meal in the microwave and wait for couple of minutes.

This research method represent Heinz the sales data and this means that from this research organisation gain quantitative, because on the this base Heinz was able to predict the future sales of their new products. And the trend as well.

The negative side of this method is that Heinz is not able to full base on the results of this research because they are based on the sales data from different products of different brands.

Fo this case I want to suggest Heinz to use piloting research method which helps them to understand the amount o sales based on their products, because they are require to supply the small supermarket with their new products and look after them in order to understand how sales is going on their, where it would be more relevant for the company.

Field Trials: Before starting to sell Big ready meals and gluten free products, Heinz decided firstly to test their products in a small grocery shop. They chose a small local supermarket and supply the company with some examples of Meat feast pasta bake which were also putted on the shelves. This helps to identify what customers want and as well their opinions about the product which was the quantitative type of data because Heinz was recording the amount of sale of their new products. Whereas Heinz was able to collect qualitative type of data, because they also did samples as a field trials and this is an advantage for this method. This helps organisation to save their finances because the purpose of this research is to identify which products have the biggest demand and this represent the needs and wants of potential customers . Where Heinz was needed than produce adjustments of their products which would satisfy the customers wants such as price, size, taste and etc.

The disadvantage of this method is that Heinz can not fully rely on the results of it because for example in other countries people have got other tastes and probably they would be interested in the products of Heinz, as they have got their own popular brands. In Italy there are a big range of product with wheat and there are lots of other organisation that produce ready meals which satisfy the needs and wants of their target market. Probably Heinz would not be popular on their market and would not have lots of demands on their products.

I would suggest for Heinz to produce the s...

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