Handling Customer Complaints: My Journey of Overcoming Challenges - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-22
Handling Customer Complaints: My Journey of Overcoming Challenges - Essay Sample
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Customer complaints are some of the concerns that create worries in any organization because the clients are considered as the most important aspect of the entity. In life, I have faced many challenges, and due to the diversity of these issues, I have gained sufficient knowledge and courage to overcome them. I can attest that some of the significant obstacles I have encountered while pursuing my career goals relate to customer claims and dissatisfactions. Any company expects its employees to focus on their duties while ensuring that they maintain a harmonious relationship with all stakeholders. The prosperity of any company depends on its profitability as well as the brand image. Therefore, the management is expected to implement policies and regulations that would protect the reputation of the company and also develop an effective system that would lead to increased revenues.

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During my first days at Ark Insurance Brokers as an underwriting executive, I had the chance to interact with numerous customers, and this provided me with a glimpse of some of the challenges they were facing regarding their insurance covers. Moreover, I noted that the individual who held my position previously was fired due to his underperformance and the growing concern over the unsolved client issues. Also, during my recruitment, I was informed that the selection process mainly focused on the background information as well as previous experiences. Therefore, I understood that the director offered me the job because of my reputation and general performance in the previous workplace. I was expected to protect my image and also prove to my new employer that I was qualified for the task. Due to the extent of the problem at Ark Insurance Brokers, I was under enormous, and this motivated me to engage other stakeholders in solving the customer claims.

Solving the Problem

Within the first month at the company, I assessed the most significant stakeholders to include in a cross-functional team of five. It constituted of a sourcing and procurement consultant, the assistant company director, a customer care agent, as well as a risk consultant. Through these experts, I managed to evaluate the main causes of customer complaints as well as the ways that had already been used in addressing the issues. Also, every member had the chance to propose some of the strategies that could be implemented without affecting the company profits and its image. One of the plans that I implemented involves a twice-a-month training program that focused on some of the ways of increasing customer satisfaction. The success of insurance companies depends on their relationship with their clients. Effective connections between the stakeholders can be achieved through regular communication and timely responses to customer issues. Moreover, I proposed an internal shared device that ensured all the involved parties within the organization focused on time management.

Lessons Learnt

The situation at Ark Insurance Brokers was worsening before I implemented the strategies with the help of the cross-functional team. The encounter has helped me to believe that support from other employees and courage assists in solving some of the significant issues in any context. Moreover, I noted that the main problem that affected the company was ineffective communication. Clients always expect relationships with various entities to be helpful on all occasions. Therefore, dealing with customers requires the communication system to be active and robust. Reliable channels would allow most of them to share their issues freely and even provide some ideas that might help the company to improve in many operations.


Before dealing with any situation, it is crucial to assess the factors that led to the turn of events. For instance, after understanding the main problem the company was facing, I decided to evaluate the performance of the previous underwriter executive. Although he did not manage to deliver the results the company director expected, he tried to design some of the effective strategies that acted as the foundation of my interventional approach. Therefore, it is important for a prior analysis of every situation.

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