Gregor's Relationship with the Chief Clerk, HRM Essay Example

Published: 2022-03-11
Gregor's Relationship with the Chief Clerk, HRM Essay Example
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Gregor Samsa was employed in a company as a sales representative. A job he would not wish to choose if given another alternative. Getting up early in the morning was a problem. For instance, he argues that waking up early makes a man quite idiotic. It was a demanding job as he explains that the stress of selling was much more significant than the work going on at head office. He had to cope up with problems of traveling, worries about train connections and irregular bad food. In addition to this, he had to manage temporary and constantly changing a human relationship.

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First, Gregor complains he was not treated like other traveling sales associates who live like harem women. He also thinks more work was placed upon him and he is unable to question his boss because he worries dismissed. For example writing up the necessary order during the morning when other men are just sitting down to breakfast (Kafka, p. 4). It will not be good being dismissed having a family he is taking care of. He also feels hard to quite the job though he is not comfortable doing it. He is not in good terms with his boss for the reason that he fears to talk to him about what he thought. The boss has trouble hearing, so the employee has to step up quite close to him.

Secondly, Gregor is not pleased with his boss who deducts his remuneration to clear up his parent debts. Gregor argues that he has not entirely given up in paying the dues and once he gets all the money altogether, he will pay off the debt however long it will take (Kafka, p. 4). The above statement portrays a bad relationship between Gregor and his boss. Also being secure at work also shows bad rapport. For instance, he fears being reported to his boss by errand boy. Moreover, the boss does not trust for the reason that he fears to lie he is sick. He worries the boss will come with the doctor from the health insurance company.

Finally, his productivity has been very disappointing, and his boss is not in high spirits about it. Having not reported to working is seen as negligence to his commercial duties even if he was seriously unwell. Before this, he was also required to explain cash collection entrusted to him. His entire endeavor was followed with suspense instead of being motivated to work. Gregor says that Mr. Chairman himself, who in his capacity as the employer may let his judgment make a careless mistake at the expense of an employee. He says that the traveling salesman being outside the office may so merely become a victim of gossip and they are not available to defend (Kafka, p. 14). He mentions all this as a challenge that salespeople pass through in their line of duty and responsibility.

In summation, Gregor finds it hard to work under this condition. He complains a lot, and nothing was done as a remedy. It is clear that this company does not realize what Gregor is going through at work. The fear to explain it to his boss makes him a slave in this job. As said earlier he would not have chosen that job given another alternative.

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