Grants: Non-Refundable Funds Provided by Govt & Other Orgs - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-22
Grants: Non-Refundable Funds Provided by Govt & Other Orgs - Essay Sample
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Grants are products or funds, which are provided by the government or an organization and are non-refundable. These funds are often given to various recipients such as, nonprofit entity, a business, an individual or an educational institution. There are four types of grants namely, continuation, competitive, pass-through and formula grants. Grants are majorly provided by the government and other organizations for various reasons. These reasons are, to fund business ideas and projects to provide public service, to benefit the general public and to assist boost the economy of a country among others. As a mother of one with a business idea, I would use the grant money to invest into the crematorium business in my town, Texas. The reason as to why I would choose the business is because it is highly trending, it is a way of honoring a person’s dying wish, it helps to boost the medical sector, enables organ transplant which could help save lives if possible and lastly it is less costly as compared to burial.

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Cremation is a method of disposing a dead body through burning. In some countries cremation is treated as funeral rite or as a substitute to burying of the corpse. In countries such as Nepal and India cremation is an ancient traditional rite and is done publicly in an open-air pyre. In the crematorium the corpse is placed in the cremator then burnt till all that is left is are small bones. Then the bones are removed, cooled and put in a machine that reduces the bones into ashes.

I would choose the cremation business because it is highly trending. Most of the people in in towns such as Texas mostly prefer it. This preference of cremation to burial comes as result of issues such as rise in the number of separated families and acceptance by different religions. Investing in the business would bring more profit because many people now prefer it in Texas. This means that the number of corpses that will be cremated will rise.

Furthermore, a higher percentage of the people who die in Texas often request for their bodies to be cremated instead of burying. When a dying individual requests for his body to be cremated, the family has no other option but to honor their dying wish. Statistics show that over the last few years, the number of bodies that have been cremated has tremendously risen. With this, I have can predict the trend for my business which is most likely to be a boost.

Cremation business will help boost the medical sector in Texas. Most families cannot stand burying their loved ones without some parts of their bodies because of the guilt in doing so. When an individual is about to die but requests his family members to donate his body organs to the hospital, it will enable medical students carry out their research and practical more efficiently. With these practice, there would be better doctor in Texas hence an improvement in the medical sector.

The business will help save lives. This is likely to happen when a healthy individual dies and his organs are removed immediately. For example when a family is involved in a tragic accident and one of them dies, his heart or kidney can be transplanted to another to save his life. This would help since the corpse do not require the organs in the cremator but the living do.

Lastly, the cremation business costs less as compared to the traditional burial. Generally the cost of cremation in Texas is around $1500 while that of a traditional burial is $ 700 and above. This therefore means that a greater percentage of the population in Texas will go for the cheaper one. This will only mean one thing, a higher profit.

In conclusion, I would use the grant to buy the equipment required for the business and use it as a starting capital. The cremation business will save lives, reduce the funeral cost, boost the medical sector among others. When the funeral cost is reduced the family members of the deceased would spend less cash in the cremation and consider investing the rest or paying up school fees for their kids. Therefore the business will benefit Texas and empower me as a parent greatly.

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