Good Attitude towards Getting a Speeding Ticket - Personal Experience Essay Sample

Published: 2019-11-18
Good Attitude towards Getting a Speeding Ticket - Personal Experience Essay Sample
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After I moved over to Veternas High School as a new student in my senior year, Todd Schaffer warmly welcomed me and gave me my very first orientation. Therefore, Todd became my best friend. He was very good to me as he enlightened me o each and every issue in the school. Naturally, he is very amusing and is capable of making anybody laugh at his jokes. Todd was very likable among most students as he got along with most of them. In class, Todd had the ability to turn tension filled situations and incidents to laughter moments in classes going by how he answered lecturers questions or the contributions that he made. This aspect earned him much accolade from friends. We played baseball together for the Veteran Warhawks, which I will always have fond memories of to this day. He was equally good at baseball as me. After graduating from high school, Todd and I contemplated of going to the same college. I attended ABAC after being recruited as a pitcher, and Todd followed along although he was not interested in baseball any longer. In college, Todd went ahead and started the laughter club through which aspiring comedians harnessed and sharpened their talents.

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When pushed to the limit, he had his smart ways to get out of such situations and nothing seemed impossible to him. A character trait that I believe is very fundamental for every day living. After one month on campus, Todd was pulled over for speeding and given a speeding ticket. Contrary to how many people would react in such scenarios, Todd confidently followed the officer to the police truck knowing that his comedy would get him off the hook. Instead of getting worried that he could probably find himself in a courtroom, Todd humorously told the officer that his speed radar was probably out of power, or a bit old, and thats why it recorded the wrong speed for his car. The officer was apparently upset with Todds explanation which was marked with vibrant gestures and facial expression.

Since I knew that Todd was making fun of the officer, I was holding back my laughter in Todds car struggling not to burst out. Unlike Todd, I would have just accepted the ticket to portray a positive image of ABAC. However, Todd is more optimistic and always has a positive attitude towards negative situations. While I was waiting, I noticed the police officer punching in some details into the ticketing machine. He seemed to struggle for a while and at this point, I noticed him giving Todd some instructions as if to mean that Todd should wait in the car. After much fidgeting with the machine and making frantic calls, the machine finally generated the ticket, and a sense of relief was written all over the police face. I later overheard him tell Todd my machine was faulty as he was opening the police car door to release Todd. What a coincidence. Todd got out of the police truck, shaking the police officers hand and thanking him for doing his job although with poor equipment. As Todd joined me in his car, we could not help but burst into laughter as we drove off the scene.

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