Essay Sample on Full Practice Authority Nurses

Published: 2023-03-08
Essay Sample on Full Practice Authority Nurses
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In Mississippi, it is more common for the patients to visit the nurse than a doctor. When we go to a doctor's office, the first person to attend to us is the nurse who does almost everything, in Mississippi, the most common nurses are the Advanced Practice Nurses. In this paper, I am going to discuss APRN reimbursement issues and weigh the outcomes of healthcare practices.

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APRN Reimbursement Issues

Nurse practitioners are unique from other health providers in that they emphasize more on the health of the patient. Possible measures for the APRN reimbursement issue (Chesney & Duderstadt, 2017) is payment reporting data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid to compare with physicians' compensation for similar services. It would be difficult for practitioners in the rural areas to find a collaborating physician hence difficulty in improving the situation; the practitioners are limited based on the location of the physician this would force practitioners to relocate to be able to meet the restrictions and improve the issue on reimbursement.

Full Practice Authority for APRN in MS

Expanding the scope for the APRN would impact negatively to the physicians but improve health care, primary care providers is on demand and could grow rapidly than physician supply. Physicians are limited and more care services are needed hence more nurse practitioners needed to improve health care services.

Residency Program after Graduation

Additional residency programs improves the skills of the practitioner and tests for future work experiences and also prepare the nurses to serve as primary care providers this in turn would benefit future encounters of patient care for both the patient and the provider hence it would improve health care services.

Experience Prior to Full Practice Authority

Nurse practitioners gain experience collaborating with physicians although they can work independently in areas of their choice. It has improved health care services since patients are able to receive care that is equal to that of the physicians and has helped the nurses be more effective without approval from the physicians.

Additional Clinical Experience Prior to and During Graduate Level Programs

Having more clinical experience would provide a broader knowledge base to begin in graduate school requiring more clinical hours would allay the concerns of a physician and also better the health of a patient hence improve healthcare services.

Weighing the Outcomes

Full practice authority for the APRN in MS is more favorable and would save more resources; having additional resources and opinions when taking care of a patient can provide safety and positive outcomes to the patients. It would also be best to reduce uncompensated care. The residency program (Rudner Lugo, 2016) after graduation would provide better training to the practitioner, save money and bring the best outcome for the APRN this, in turn, would help save more lives, time and also be the best outcome for patient care.

Experience before full practice authority would save not only more lives but also increase access to primary or other types of health care. Having additional experience before and during graduate-level programs would provide a better outcome for the APRN.

Requiring more clinical experience is a benefit overall as far as patient care is concerned hence least favorable. Having additional experience would not only save more lives but increase access to primary health care. Additional experience would be seen as an equivalent to a residency program and it is better than other outcomes in that it would allay the concerns of the physician and better patient care.

In conclusion, it is beneficial to have a provider who can oversee the practices of the nurse practitioner; nurses have helped in providing health care services in full practice and partnerships with physicians.


Chesney, M. L., & Duderstadt, K. G. (2017). States' Progress Toward Nurse Practitioner Full Practice Authority: Contemporary Challenges and Strategies. Journal of Pediatric Health Care, 31(6), 724-728.

Rudner Lugo, N. (2016). Full practice authority for advanced practice registered nurses is a gender issue. OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 21(2).

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