Free Paper Sample on Protz Hand Sanitizer

Published: 2023-11-24
Free Paper Sample on Protz Hand Sanitizer
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The hand sanitizer brand from Asiaticon SA de CV Company has been recalled from the market due to a potential presence of methanol and sub-potent ethanol levels. Methanol has lesser antiseptic properties in comparison to ethanol (FDA, 2020). Besides, extensive exposure to methanol could have adverse effects on one’s health. Methanol poisoning begins to manifest between 1 and 72 hours after exposure and has wide-ranging consequences. Clients exposed to it could experience symptoms such as seizures, blurred vision, vomiting, nausea, headache, and permanent blindness. Methanol poisoning could also result if a child accidentally ingests it or an adult attempts to use it as an ethanol substitute (FDA, 2020). Besides, patients who survive the poisoning may suffer long-term effects such as permanent blindness and nerve issues, including walking difficulties, memory problems, and difficulties in concentration. These risks have led to the call back of the hand sanitizer.

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Nursing Protection

A nurse practitioner (NP) can take several measures to protect a client from V-Klean, Medical Minded, Protz harm. NPs should offer immediate treatment to patients who have been exposed to the hand sanitizer. They should look out for the symptoms linked to prolonged exposure to methanol, such as nausea, headaches, blindness, and related harmful effects. NPs should offer medications that will help clear the metabolites that result from methanol break down to reduce acidosis in the clients’ bloodstreams (Maurer & Smith, 2020). If the accumulation of acids in the blood is not checked, it could have adverse effects such as kidney failure and low blood pressure. Immediate treatment to stabilize the blood’s pH is therefore critical. Additionally, NPs should advise clients on the proper way to dispose of the hand sanitizers by placing them in the right hazardous waste containers. Such an approach will ensure the products do not pose a risk to others.

NPs should advise clients on the marks to look out for when purchasing a hand sanitizer. It is paramount for the client to check out for signs such as ‘FDA-approved’ before purchasing. FDA has not approved any hand sanitizers; hence such symbols are misleading. NPs should warn clients against such marks to protect them from substandard products (Maurer & Smith, 2020). They should also provide comprehensive details and recommend alternative safe brands to avoid acquiring hazardous items. It is also vital to advise them on how to keep the sanitizers and the harmful effects if accidentally ingested by children. With such knowledge, a client will be well conversant with the specific elements to consider when purchasing sanitizers. Subsequently, clients will avoid the recalled brand and other substandard options

Furthermore, NPs should advise clients to check out the ingredients that make a sanitizer and recalled items on the FDA website. Clients should ensure the selected sanitizers have ethanol as their primary content and avoid those with methanol as an ingredient (Maurer & Smith, 2020). It is paramount to notify clients of the adverse impacts of methanol despite its products being relatively cheaper than those made using ethanol. Since sanitizers are not prescribed, NPs should direct clients on how to check for recanted products on the FDA website. They should advise clients to review a brand against the website before making a purchase. Such approaches will help them to avoid harmful items such as V-Klean, Medical Minded, Protz hand sanitizer, and purchase the approved safe options.

Methotrexate Sodium From Eugia Pharma

Methotrexate Sodium is an antimetabolite with antineoplastic, immunosuppressant, and immunomodulation characteristics that was recently approved by the FDA. The medication is primarily used to treat some types of cancer or controlling severe rheumatoid arthritis or psoriasis that is unresponsive to other treatment forms (FDA, 2020). The drug is also used to regulate juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. The drug works by stopping or slowing the proliferation of cancer cells and suppressing the immune system. When used during the initial stages of rheumatoid arthritis, methotrexate can help to preserve joint function and lower further joint damage. The drug can either be used orally or via injection, and the method and dosage depend on one’s medical condition and their response to treatment.

Patients must pay heed to several precautions with the advice of a doctor or pharmacist before taking Methotrexate Sodium. One must notify their medical professional of any allergies before the drug is administered to avoid potential adverse effects. A comprehensive outline of a patient’s medical history is critical before using the medication. It is crucial to pay attention to aspects such as liver and kidney disease, blood disorders, suppressed immune system, and exposure to active infections to determine the suitability of Methotrexate (Katchamart et al., 2020). The medication could also increase one’s likelihood to get conditions or exacerbate the current ones; hence patients should avoid people with contagious infections such as the flu. Patients are advised to avoid using machinery or driving since the drug may make them feel drowsy or dizzy. Additionally, the drug should be carefully used with children. They are more sensitive to its side effects, particularly seizures.

Nevertheless, patients may experience some side effects of using this drug. Some of the common side effects include stomach pain, nausea, and dizziness. These symptoms should last for a short period, and patients should be advised to inform their doctors promptly should they worsen or persist. For most clients, temporary hair loss could occur, but normal growth of hair should gradually resume after ending the medication. The medication suppresses the immune system; hence patients could have a lower ability to fight infections, increasing their risk of contracting new diseases or worsening the existing ones (Katchamart et al., 2020). On rare occasions, severe allergic reactions to Methotrexate Sodium occur, characterized by swelling, rash, and severe dizziness. However, pharmacists only prescribe the medication when particular that the benefits supersede the likely side effects.

Although Methotrexate Sodium helps in several health problems, its toxicity may result in long term exposure. The increased susceptibility to the medication or self-administration to induce abortion could lead to several adverse impacts. Toxicity may manifest through symptoms such as renal failure, neurologic and motor dysfunction, acute lung injury, and hypotension (Katchamart et al., 2020). Such effects could manifest hours, days, or weeks after the intake. It is, therefore, critical to ensure that Methotrexate Sodium is only taken under pharmacist guidance, and any unusual symptoms after intake are promptly reported.


Overall, the FDA is responsible for ensuring the drugs in the market are safe. The board recants medications that are found to be below standards or posing a considerable threat to consumers, such as the hand sanitizer that contained methanol. It also approves medicines that meet the required criteria and considered safe for patients with a particular condition. An ideal example is Methotrexate Sodium that was recently approved for treating cancer and controlling arthritis. By adhering to its mandate, the FDA protects consumers by ascertaining the safety of all related products and recalling some when necessary.


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