Free Paper Example: The Creative Curriculum for Preschool

Published: 2022-09-08
Free Paper Example: The Creative Curriculum for Preschool
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Certified teachers complete a minimum of 1 log each week, for a total of 15.

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A log entry is a short report that describes in a factual way any incident of educational interest that occurs in the classroom, the hallway, while children are getting off the school bus, etc. They can describe interactions between children, children, and adults, or children and materials in the environment.

Course: 682

Semester: Fall

Field Experience/Practicum Instructor:

Student Name:

Student ID:


School Address:

Grade/Age: Pre-K/3-4 years old

Cooperating Teacher:

Type of Class (Gen Ed. Sp. Ed, Inclusion): Sp. Ed.

Date 9/14/2018

Time Started: 8:30 a.m.

Time Ended: 3:00 p.m.

Classroom Activities: Activities for today Friday are breakfast, bathroom, painting/coloring, tabletops, indoor pool, morning circle, gym, lunch, smart-board, story-time, learning centers, goodbye circle.

Observations: Children get into the class and the teacher welcomes them. The first activity is, they are directed by the teacher to their respective sitting positions at the tables to have their breakfast. They are given enough time to finish eating. After that, they get the washroom after eating, they move their chairs to the study tables for coloring and tabletops an activity that most of the children enjoy. They then make a morning circle and sing songs with the teacher. The paraprofessionals then guide the children to assemble in a circle for a storytelling session before breaking for lunch. Most children enjoy listening to others stories so that they can narrate them to their parents in the evening. They then got their lunch packs to eat lunch after which they dressed up for their swimming activity. On Fridays, children get to go to the pool. Some were hesitant to go and were crying while others were anxious to get into the pool and swim. When the pool time was finished, the one that cried did not want to get out of the pool. After that, they get dressed up in the bathroom then gather for the goodbye circle as their last activity before going home.

Critical Analysis of the Observations: Friday seems the greatest learning day. After getting into class the first activity being morning circles helps unite the children and get their concentration of the children. Doing a series of short different activities helps keep the children active and attentive rather than having a few long activities as the children may get bored in the middle thus helps in class management (Giorgis & Glazer, 2013). In these activities, children learn from others as in the observational learning theory by Bandura that behavior is learned from others observation. The goodbye circle is very important as it is a great transition when winding things up. The teachers through the application of different ways of teaching use Gagne's condition of learning theory. Also carrying out activities that all children get involved which are important in the cognitive development of the children (Dodge, Colker, Heroman & Bickart, 2002). That is also supported by the Vygotsky's theory where social interaction is essential in cognitive development as also related in the Zone of Proximal Development.


Dodge, D. T., Colker, L. J., Heroman, C., & Bickart, T. S. (2002). The creative curriculum for preschool.

Giorgis, C., & Glazer, J. I. (2013). Literature for young children: Supporting emergent literacy, Ages 0-8. Pearson.

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