Free Essay with Questions on Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development

Published: 2022-03-14
Free Essay with Questions on Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development
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Who forged the single most comprehensive theory of intellectual development? When, Why and where?

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The cognitive development theory is fundamental in understanding human intelligence. Jean Piaget "forged the single most comprehensive and compelling theory of intellectual development" (Wadsworth, 1971). He developed the theory in 1936 in Paris and wanted to explain the nature and development of human intelligence. He termed this o be cognitive development and he sought to answer how children enthusiastically build their thinking and the way thinking is altered from one point to another. The psychology theory explains the human behavior through trying to understand the thinking process that underlines the concept of why individuals do what they do. In this theory, Piaget suggests that a child thinks differently compared to adults, and this means that children are actively gaining their knowledge of the world. Piaget thus handled memory with problem-solving, and his postulations are deemed beneficial in the modern world. According to Piaget, children build their perceptions of the world around them and that the concept that cognitive development is at the center of human language and organism.

Piaget experienced an intellectual crisis when he his religious and philosophical convinced lacked a scientific foundation. How can you relate this to Christian Counseling versus Secular Counseling/Therapy?

Indeed, Piaget experienced an intellectual crisis when his religious and philosophical thoughts convinced lacked scientific foundation. This similarly relates to Christian versus secular counseling. Christian counseling incorporates spiritual dimension and is set on the will of God in a person's life. The bible which is based on when counseling is considered to be the most practical book that has wisdom and attests to human nature. The counseling is used to provide specific direction and accountability. Secular counseling is supposed to increase the ability of a person to function effectively and also to be emotionally stable. However, a notable similarity between the two forms of therapy is that they lack scientific foundation. The guiding principles underlining in the two types of counseling cannot be explained scientifically but rather base on beliefs and a self-empowered entity. Equally, Piaget's case relates to the case of the two therapies due to lack of scientific backing. Jean Piaget could not explain his religious and philosophical views scientifically. The beliefs are to impact on the persons thinking, behavior and emotions but there is no connection with science.

Why Piaget did abandon the standardized test for children? Your thought?

Piaget developed curiosity in childhood development when he worked in the Paris at Binet Laboratory. He conducted intelligence test on children, and he became bored with the idea of scoring the answers on the children was right and wrong. Nonetheless, Piaget became captivated with the wrong answers that the young children gave and established that a child thinks in an entirely different way. Piaget thus established that children at distinct ages had certain answers wrong due to their different thinking (Wadsworth, 1971). For this reason, Piaget was forced to quickly abandon the standardized tests and alluded that this forced the children to respond in an artificial channel of the given questions and answers. In this case, I ascertain that it was right for Piaget to abandon the standardized test because young children think differently as they are still developing cognitively and their knowledge is not well-formed concerning the many things in the world as it is the case with adult people. It was right for him to devise the open-ended clinical interview which rather encourages a flow of spontaneous tendencies. Here, he was able to observe the children's activities, and this helped him in removing the adult preoccupation that concern the thinking of the children and learn from the children themselves.

Preconventional Morality (Stage 1) Obedience and Punishment, Listening and Consequences. Write your thought, share your opinion and share an online resource of Obedience and Punishment.

According to Kohlberg's stage one of "punishment-obedience orientation," it is elucidated that physical outcomes of certain actions define the badness or the goodness irrespective of the human meaning of value on the outcomes. In his care, the concern involves self-questioning self. For example, one can question "Will I get into trouble for doing or not doing it?" Consequently, a right or wrong behavior is linked to avoidance of in reasoning and punishment despite the ethical values of the action (Wong, 2000). An internet source example is the bad authoritarian leadership of Adolf Hitler where the Nazi soldiers persecuted minorities including the Jews. Here, it is "either the soldiers were carrying out orders under threat of punishment, or they had misplaced trust in their leader" (Wong, 2000). Also, an example is where one will fear to report a sexual abuse just because the person who did it is in authority and threatened to punish anyone who reveals the secret.

Good Interpersonal Relationships (Stages 3) check out some TV Families, what can you identify as good behaviour with these Families?

The good interpersonal relationship is in stage 3, and here the gains and beliefs of people have to be good and decent, and teenagers are expected to live up to the potential expectations of their communities and families. The motives here are supposed to be good, and one has to gain interpersonal feelings such as love, trust, and empathy. In the classic American show called the Partridge Family, Keith Partridge is the oldest of her five children, and his good behavior is evident when he embarks on a music career and inspires the other children to adventure in music. In The Cosby Family, the character Ennis is diagnosed with dyslexia, but he becomes determined to assist other people who have similar learning problems. Indeed, Ennis' acts depict good behavior, and this becomes more vivid when it is revealed at the time of his death that he had already earned a degree in masters and was pursuing a doctorate at the University of Columbia. There is also collaboration in The Cosby Family. Blackish is a comedy that features an African-American family. The comedy delineates issues in the modern world and puts them into comedy. Andre's family is faced with moral dilemmas, and the comedy confronts issues of race, class, and culture which is a good thing that helps in eliminating racism in the society.

Share about Social Older and why we need it?

Social older is a perspective of aging which ascertains that the process of becoming older is universal and it affects all people. The view of social older is fundamental as it relates to the growth of a person from a youths life to an older person. When a person ages, there is a state of becoming wiser and making the right decisions in life and thus guide the young people in making correct choices. Social older makes a person act like as an example to individuals who are still growing.

Define the phrase Moral Judgments and how we can use it in 2018?

Moral judgment is the ability to reason about what a person needs and how it should be done in a specified manner. Moral judgment enables people to make decisions that are right and just. Morally set principles and beliefs relate to the behavior that is right or wrong. The moral value suggests the quality of the action and moral standard. It also implies the ability to affect another person's moral decisions. Ethics in moral judgment forms the primary basis for having a good sense of moral ethics. In 2018, moral judgments can be used in the political field to enact policies that are right and beneficial to the entire society. Moral judgment can also be used in 2018 to initiate specific policies of gun control. In the recent past, the nation has experienced many killings arising from gunshots. Hence, a moral judgment to control gun ownership in the society is paramount.


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