Free Essay with a Personal Diabetic Meal Plan

Published: 2022-06-14
Free Essay with a Personal Diabetic Meal Plan
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The schedule below is my diabetic menu pan for three days. The menu is based on a meal plan of 1800 calories. The project includes seven starches, three milk exchanges, seven meat exchanges four vegetables and five fat exchanges each day. The project is based on my level of activity, the PNS, and my body weight

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Planned exchanges Menu

Breakfast Two starch

One fat

One Meat

One fruit

2 slices of bread (30g carbs)

1 small banana (15g carbs)

Ricotta cheese

Snack 1 milk 2/3 kefir (1g carbs)

Lunch 2 starch

2 meat

1 vegetable

1 fat

1 fruit corn (15 g carbs)

c brown lentils (15 g carbs)

2 egg whites

1 turkey bacon

Snack 1 fat

1 vegetable

1 fruit 1 c broccoli (5g carbs)

2 Brazil nuts)

1 small apple (15g carbs)

supper 2 starch

3 meat

2 vegetables

2 fats

1 fruit 1c squash (15g carbs)

1/3 c plantain (15 g carbs)

c asparagus (5g diamine carbs)

1c tomato (5g carbs)

17 small grapes (15 g carbs)

Snack 1 starch

1 fat

1 milk

1 meat

3c popcorn w/butter (15g carbs)

c cottage cheese

2/3 c kefir (12g carbs)

I woke to a feeling of lethargy and was unable to fulfill my daily activities. Although my eating habits are usually good, am not used to so many meals in a single day. I think taking many meals a day made me uncomfortable. By the end of the day, I felt cranky because I spend the better part of the day organizing the menu for the day hence was unable even to attend my regular soccer training than I usually attend on Sunday mornings. I selected these foods because I knew them well and also liked them. It was a bit weird having to follow a menu. I had to purchase the vegetables from a local mall hence there weren't many problems getting them. My general feeling was that the list was negatively influencing my lifestyle. The process was tiresome and time-consuming.


Planned exchanges Menu

Breakfast One fruit

One fat

Two starch

A meat

1 English muffin (30g carbs)

c cottage cheese

One strawberry

Snack 1 milk 2/3 c kefir (1g carbs)

Lunch 2 starch

1 vegetable

1 fruit

2 meat

1 fat black beans (15g carbs)

c baked potato (15g carbs)

1 ounce porterhouse steak

1 tablespoon margarine

2 small tangerine

Snack 1 vegetable

1 fat

1 fruit c fresh pineapple (15g carbs)

1 tablespoon sunflower seeds

1c broccoli (5g carbs)

Dinner 1 starch

3 meat

2 vegetables

2 fats

1 fruit c wild rice (15g carbs)

2 ounce chicken

2 egg whites

c Spanish (5g carbs)

c zucchini (5g carbs)

1 c cubed papaya

2 chocolate chip cookies (15 g carb)

Snack 1 starch

1 milk

1 fat

1 meat

1 c lactaid

1 tablespoon reduced-fat creme cheese

One slice whole grain bread

c cottage cheese

Today I woke up very hungry and craving sweets. I felt a little better than yesterday. It was harder getting the fruits and had to travel to a distant mall to get them. However, I think I am getting used to the whole routine and schedule. I found myself enjoying the meals more. The selection for the second day was purely for experimental purposes. I hadn't tried some of these foods, but I ended up liking them. However, I still felt cranky, and organization of the meals was still cumbersome, but I felt my body was getting used to it.


Planned exchanges menu

Breakfast One milk

I fruit

One protein

Two starch

Two wheat tortillas

1 cup milk


Two tablespoon peanut butter

Snack One fruit Two plums

lunch Two starches

Two vegetables

One fruit

2/3 cup rice

1 cup mixed vegetables

One orange

Snack 1 carbohydrate 1 slice wheat bread

1 teaspoon honey

Dinner 2 starches

2 vegetables

3 oz. protein

1 milk 1 bun

1 cup milk

3-ounce pork chop

1 cup green peas

snack 1 fruit 1 kiwi

The third day was better compared the first two days. I think I am getting used to the schedule and my body is adapting to meals. The crankiness I felt on the first day has disappeared and felt rather energetic. I even went for a morning. I feel in great shape and ready to go. My local grocery had all the foods I needed except the plums which I had to purchase straight from the farm. I am enjoying the whole experience and is not as hard as I had imagined.

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