Free Essay Sample: Stakeholder Engagement in Project Management

Published: 2023-11-07
Free Essay Sample: Stakeholder Engagement in Project Management
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In the scheduled overview meeting, I would invite the reachable stakeholders including the client, suppliers, top management, accounting personnel, functional team members, and the project team members. The objective of the meeting would be to understand the needs and expectations of the stakeholders as well as to address the concerns present. In doing this the project manager builds proper stakeholder engagement. This may be beneficial to the team working on the project as it is the beginning of effective communication with other stakeholders which consequently leads to extended support from them.

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The provision healthcare technologies project will have both internal and external stakeholders. Internal stakeholders always have positive intentions and impacts on the project though sometimes have to limit and control influences on it. They include top management, accounting personnel, functional managers, and project team members (Pinto, 2015). On the other hand, external stakeholders often harm the development and completion of a project. They include clients, competitors, suppliers, and other intervenor groups.

Both internal and external stakeholders play a major role in the development and success of the project. Top management plays the leading role by giving the go-ahead for a project to be taken up and sanctioning the transfer of additional resources if need be (PMBOK® Guide, 2017). As the project manager, I will have my loyalty to the success of the project within the specified time and will be willing to put pressure on my team members to deliver. The impact of team members on the project's success is more profound than that of any other group. Since the success of the project depends on the productivity and commitment of every member, I should offer challenging assignments that come with an opportunity for growth to keep the team motivated (Pinto, 2015). Accountants administratively keep the project budgets in check, ensuring that the projects are cost-efficient.

Additionally, for clients, since it's mostly an investment they want the project done in due time and within their budget, so they can start generating returns, this keeps the team in check (Board, 2015). Competitors on the other hand are a source of guidance for a developing project with I the manager looking for mistakes made in the established projects. Suppliers offer the raw materials needed for the completion of the project, they are always in constant communication with the project managers on when deliveries should be made and in what quantities. The intervenor groups are external to the project but have the power to disrupt the development of a project (PMBOK® Guide, 2017). The project manager should always assess the possibility of one intervenor group imposing their concerns on the development of their project.

Conflicts that may arise include neglecting the formal reporting relationships that follow the hierarchy of the individuals involved in the project execution. Like the team members choosing not to inform the leader of changes made on time at which the supplier will be available to deliver. In another instance, the internal stakeholders taking administrative action like the accountant keeping track of the budget may get a negative interpretation by the team working on the project while in the real sense, the accountant is out to keep the needs of the client which is cost efficiency in check.


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