Free Essay Sample on Online Commerce and Marketing

Published: 2022-09-16
Free Essay Sample on Online Commerce and Marketing
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1. What is "micro brand" and how it infiltrates online commerce so rapidly?

Micro brand mainly involves small scale and medium businesses in a particular geographical location. The businesses and organizations identify the consumers of a particular product to work with a specific market niche (Ball & Overhill, 2012). The small and medium businesses are presented to the consumers for brand development. The primary goal of micro branding is to present necessary strategies and ideas to consumers to increase the sales.

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Social media has contributed significantly to micro-branding. The population concentrating on online business is increasing daily thus ready market is always available. To the small and medium businesses, online commerce is the best approach to mobilize consumers. People want always to learn what is new in the market thus micro brand takes the lead. Most of the small and medium business have been established recently thus their culture is established based on the current technology. With these traditions and culture, the businesses can quickly overtake the old businesses that will take more time to adapt to the current technology.

The millennials and the Z-generation are dominating the universe. Everything is changing to digital and online business. When the generation is satisfied more population is attracted to the business. Also more online sharing of the small and medium business thus more rapid infiltration. The delivery model has also contributed, as all products and goods can be delivered at the comfort of the consumers.

2. What are a brand stack and its components? How is it enabling the micro brand explosion in e-commerce?

The brand stack is also known as domain stack. It involves developing a keyword that is used when several links are opened, they display multiple links on the same page. The keyword is the core factor in brand stacking. The primary function of a brand stack is to develop tools and techniques necessary to build a healthy relationship with a businesses' audience and customers (Elliott, 2015. The organization utilizes all stakeholders, employees, or any other individual who can be an asset. All the interested parties are taught first before entrusted with the customers and audience.

Brand stack has three main components, namely the audience, the internal factors like employees and the system and the stakeholders who can be both internal and external. The stakeholder purpose is to make sure the internal processes fulfill the needs of the customers. The internal is at the center as they play both roles and must satisfy the needs of the customers and also follow the goals of the stakeholders.

Brand stacking is enabling a micro-brand explosion in e-commerce in the following principal ways. One, increasing positive online reputation. Every brand has one unique keyword they have. When one searches for that brand they can get all the necessary information, thus increasing the chances to get more about a business. Two, it promotes brand recognition. When the keyword is in continuous search more people will recognize it as the search will focus more on it. The links will guess the keyword before the completion of search such more people. Finally, as more people recognize the brand it will increase population searching for the brand thus online traffic. Online traffic on a specific brand is favorable to the organization.

3. From Chapter 6, Identify and describe in your own words the key technologies that support online marketing.

As almost everyone has gone online so has businesses. Technology has promoted online marketing. The following are key technologies that support online marketing. Video advertisement's, the increase of video quality and the low data cost is one of the technologies that has promoted online marketing. Through the videos, a product can be advertised in more than one different ways to satisfy the needs of the audience. Online videos can be accessed from any corner of the earth thus fulfilling the marketing goal to a broader scope.

Two, YouTube, most of the businesses today are displaying their products and services through the You-tube. The technology that one view related topics on YouTube after a one search is the latest technology promoting online marketing. So when an organization has uploaded the YouTube content people will automatically watch them even when initially not intended thus more customers. The free ads that people watch for less than thirty seconds are also important technology. For all customers sometimes they are not sure what exactly they want but with the short ads, they can have an image they want. When one is satisfied with the ad they can finally order a product or a service they want.

Internet accessibility and cheap marketing strategies have promoted online marketing. Comparing with the traditional methods of marketing the current one is more economical and highly accessible. Brand stacking is also a strategy currently used. A keyword is established in a given brand or organization so as they identify with and also to increase brand recognition. As Google has been advancing daily it has also had a significant role to play in online markets as it provides better platforms.


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