Free Essay Sample on Managing Systems Projects

Published: 2023-11-09
Free Essay Sample on Managing Systems Projects
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Managing systems projects is a procedure that is aided by project management soft wares that help individuals and institutions in managing personal projects or portfolios. These soft wares can either be based on the web or desktop. The purpose of this software is to plan and analyze resources, multiple planning of projects, and critical paths. Based on these functionalities, the system generates deliverables like reports containing real-time, vital and accurate data used in the analysis, amongst other functions. Therefore, this paper examines the Microsoft project software, open workbench, and spreadsheet programs to manage projects.

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Microsoft Project Software

Microsoft project software is among the most popular project management soft wares in the world. The software is designed to provide efficient equipment for bettering the management of projects. The Microsoft project software handles additional resources assignments as mathematical calculations (Marmel 2011). As a project manager, I would justify the purchase of this software due to the following: First, it merges with the whole software retinue. With it being a veteran in the industry of programming, its enhanced features meet the needs of various users.

Moreover, it can be used to manage finances, making it possible for managers to estimate project budgets and avoid overspending. Additionally, being a desktop application makes it possible to use in the absenteeism of internet connections. Lastly, it allows the use of templates that are available for use, thus saving on time.

An open workbench is a free software used in project management that has its main focus on scheduling. Open workbench is a great alternative to Microsoft project software in terms of its functionalities (Margea & Margea 2011). It differs from the Microsoft project software because it is effort-based on schedule, unlike the latter in which the scheduling procedure is based on time duration. As a project manager, I would consider using the software because it is affordable and has many unique features most project managers would be interested in trying. Its ability to easily break down work structures gives it the most advantage.

Spreadsheet Programs

Spreadsheet programs may be used by project managers to manage small projects without project management soft wares just as the soft wares, use of spreadsheets possesses certain features that make it convenient for use. They include: Spreadsheets can be used multi purposely not only for project management but also for personal and business solutions. Secondly, it enables one format data according to an individual's preference. Moreover, it can be shared with colleagues through email if the size of the file is limited. Additionally, one can create numerous files in one spreadsheet and lastly, one could update details regarding the project at their convenience.

Therefore, I would use the spreadsheet program to manage the project through visualization, planning and tracking. I would also conduct a project review in excel through spreadsheets to help in the documentation and sharing of the results, showing clear overviews of outstanding, planned and completed deliverables. To sum up, I would place the project in power-point slides, making it easier to share it with colleagues with a clear definition of what I will be doing. By so doing, the project will be ready and well represented.


In conclusion, most project managers prefer using Microsoft project software to other soft wares due to its numerous unique features that make it convenient. However, its pricing makes it less accessible to some individuals. Additionally, the open workbench software has gained massive popularity due to its affordability and good features that resemble those of the Microsoft Project software. Nevertheless, project managers working on small projects may use spreadsheet programs in the absence of software as they give the same reliable results to users.


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