Free Essay Example on The Tempest by William Shakespeare

Published: 2023-01-23
Free Essay Example on The Tempest by William Shakespeare
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Summary of the Tempest

The play, The Tempest by William Shakespeare, revolves around magic, power, revenge, repetency and forgiveness. When a storm struck a ship in which Alonso, Ferdinand, Sebastian, Antonio, Gonzalo, Stephano, and Trinculo were traveling to Italy on their way from Alonso's daughter's wedding to the prince of Tunis, prosperous who was once the Duke of Mila and her daughter were at the shore. Prospero is begged by his daughter to help the people in the ship who were in the ship not known that it is her father who orchestrated the storm in revenge for the his duke ship that ewes usurped and taken from by his brother Antonio and the king of Naples who aided him over 12 year before.

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Prospero uses witches and magic to bring the people to shore with the aim of punishing them and on regaining his position as the duke of Milan. He therefore ingeniously uses the shipwreck to separate the survivors into groups with the hope that Miranda and Ferdinand pedal in love. On the other hand, Antonio and Sebastian conspired kill Alonso and Gonzalo to mime Sebastian the king. However, it is also at the last minute that Trinculo and Stephano, met monster, Caliban who was adopted by Prospero then captured into slavery. It is Trinculo, Stephano, and Caliban who managed a successful coupe against prosper who later commanded Ariel to thwart the constancy of Antonio, Alonso and Sebastian forcing them to escape when their conspiracy is discovered. After the storm, Miranda is married to Ferdinand in the presence of Ariel and their marriage was blessed by Juno, Ceres, and Iris. The other characters are forgiven for the treacherous plans and Prospero sets Ariel free. Prospero is also released from the bondage.


The key themes in this story include forgiveness and relevance. The other theme is power and magic. Prospero forgave Alonso, Sebastian and his brother Antonio who colluded with Alonso, the King of Naples to dethrone him as the duke of Milan. On the other hand, Ariel is also set free by Prospero after he was captured and enslaved. Finally, Prospero also repented and the audience forgive him for his treacherous act of using the storm to punish Alonso, Antonio and Sebastian. Prospero also forgave Caliban the monster for trying to rape his daughter, Miranda.

The theme of power plays is also evident in the story. The thirst for power is what drove Antonio to dethrone his brother Prospero as the duke of Milan. It is also immigrant to note that te island was controlled by Sycorax but Prospero used his magic and steal the control from Sycorax who was also a witch. However, prosper also uses the power of magic to summon storm the drive the ship ferrying the three to the shores to revenging. Greed and power are therefore another them that was explored in the story.

Character Analysis

The main characters in the story include Miranda who is the daughter or Prospero. Prosper was the former duke of Milan. Prospero is both the antagonists and protagonists. He is initially a villain a turned a hero. On the other hand, his brother Antonio is te protagonists who initially caused mayhem by dethroning his brother and plotting with Sebastian. Miranda is both naive and appears nonjudgmental. His loyalty to his father sees him Mary Ferdinand. On the other hand, Prospero is conniving, brutal and vengeful. Arial the spirit is mischievous and is used by Prospero. He is loyal to Prospero and initially was a loyal to Sycorax who was his master. Caliban the monster is the son of Sycorax. He is hateful and despises Prospero for taking power from him. Ferdinand is the son of Alonso. However, he is very loyal and naive. He is submissive to Miranda and his father and does everything Miranda's father ask him to win his approval. Finally, Alonso is the king of Naples. He is the conniving trickster who colludes with Antonio to dethrone Prospero.

Techniques of the Craft

William Shakespeare's uses a combination of stylistics devices, and art. He uses setting to develop characters. He also uses the chancier to expose other character. The play is set in the ancient times between 610 to mid-1611 in the Mediterranean between Tunis, Italy and Naple. The island is characters as the homeland of witches, magic and monsters who separates it complete from the other lands where such practices are not common.

Relevance of the Play

The pay exposes the power plays evident in most contemporary societies where kingdoms rise against kingdoms and relatives collude with the outsiders to dethrone, they brothers. It is inornate to note that before he dethroned his brother with the help of Alonso, the King of Naples, Antonio given a position of power in the duchy but his greed drove him to plot his brother's death. The implication of the plays is that power, begets greed and greed beget murder. It also teaches that there is no big sin or mistake that cannot be forgiven.


The story falls in then genre of romance as the play's finale revolves around the marriage between Miranda and Ferdinand. It is also clear that Williams shake spear uses masque to symbolize courtship and married because in the ancient times, masque was mainly availed whenever there was a celebration and involved dancing and merrymaking.

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