Free Essay Example on Evidence Dissemination

Published: 2023-11-25
Free Essay Example on Evidence Dissemination
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Dissemination of evidence-based practice (EBP) information refers to distributing intervention materials to the required healthcare providers. The dissemination of information can either be internal or external. For my change proposal of the prevention and control of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) through oral chlorhexidine, the dissemination of EBP information is necessary for successful project implementation. The paper discusses one internal and one external method of evidence dissemination, the importance of reporting the change proposal, and the communication strategies for each group.

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Internal and External Methods

The internal and external methods of evidence dissemination will be the hospital board and the healthcare community, respectively. The hospital board comprises of the healthcare staff and leaders of the facility. Stetler et al. (2014) asserted that leaders play the role of facilitating an environment of EBP. Also, Goimuso et al. (2016) indicated that involving nurses in EBP implementation improves performance and patient satisfaction. The community comprises of patients as stakeholders who receive direct care from the hospital.

Reporting to the hospital board and the community is necessary for various reasons. First, it would to advance awareness of the project and how the EBP implementation will occur. Second, reporting to the groups will create room for criticism or appraisal of the project details. Melnyk et al. (2014) stated that knowledge on EBP increase the quality and reliability of health care. Thus, reporting would provide room for improvement suggestions about the change project.

Communication Strategies

For each group, the communication strategies vary. Spruce (2015) indicated that for a successful implementation of EBP, communicating about practice changes will yield the best outcomes. Within the hospital board, the communication approach would include face-to-face meetings to inform them about the project details. Regarding the community, the communication strategy would involve face-to-face conferences and town hall meetings. The significance of face-to-face interactions with both groups will increase engagement and interaction.


Overall, the critical objective of evidence dissemination is to spread awareness of the change intervention and the way it will improve patients’ outcomes. Efficient dissemination focuses on engagement with the target groups. For my proposal, the hospital board and the community are the best groups who should be aware of the project specifics.


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