Free Essay Example: Fix the World

Published: 2023-09-18
Free Essay Example: Fix the World
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Climate change has been on nature narratives and social media platforms for quite a while. Everybody thinks about it. Even though it has been in the media for quite a while, and everybody thinks about it, its condition does not change and human being should attempt their best to prevent it. The temperature of the globe is gradually rising, and it is reasonable to state that it is the people's shortcoming.

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Environmental change has been affecting the earth significantly. The ocean has absorbed such a large amount of this warmth, changing the ocean's normal temperature (Ertugrul, 2016). It probably will not appear to be much of when you hear it, however, by the sea's temperature changing only by one degree, species in the ocean, such as corals will die. Corals are helpless to the warmth of their natural surroundings. A few people may even now feel this is not a lot; in their eyes, it is only one animal variety passing on. They do not know that by this one species dying, a comprehensive domain will die along with it.

Think about the earth as a clock or a machine with gears in it. Every one of the little gears should be in and turn without an issue. If any gear is destroyed, the system will not function as fluid as in the past. When one gear is missing, the whole structure will fail to work. That is an ideal case of what will happen when the corals die. One gear is absent. One essential piece of nature, the coral that gives shelter to fish, is missing. At the point when the corals die, the fish no longer has its shade. The sea is just one example of what sort of situation the earth's environments will be in when global warming gets worse.

There are approaches to improve the condition of the earth gradually. People have been consuming non-renewable energy sources for essential power utilized for charging telephones and coolers for cars, planes, and ships. While combusting petroleum product, it releases carbon dioxide into the air. So being subject to petroleum derivative probably will not be the best for nature (Chikaraishi, 2015).

As indicated by Ertugrul et. al, South Korea alone transmitted 604,043,830 tons of carbon dioxide in 2016. That is 11.85 tons per individual dependent on the number of inhabitants in 50,983,457 out of 2016 (Ertugrul, 2016). If this was the primary way, people transmitted carbon dioxide into the air, why is it giving us so much trouble. Not only automobiles and electricity used by humans emit carbon dioxide in the air; cows have been available for an ever-increasing number of individuals to eat. When the cows emit gas stored inside their bodies, known as methane, it discharges carbon dioxide (Ertugrul, 2016). The reason why cows emit carbon dioxide is that their eating routine depends on corn. One dairy animal would be fine. However, a large number of cows increase the amount of methane emission. However, if the cow's diet is changed, the emission amount is reduced.

The United Nations has made a few endeavors to bring down the amount of carbon discharge. A very notable model is the Paris Climate Agreement. The nations in the Paris Agreement meant to keep the global temperature ascend under 2 degrees Celsius (Chikaraishi, 2015). Regardless of whether the Paris Agreement was a triumph or a disappointment, it is yet a great case of when the UN gathered the nations to fix the world.

Unfortunately, not every person can give a speech at the UN gatherings. However, there are approaches to lessen carbon discharge even in the littlest ways. The best way to bring down the amount of carbon dioxide is to abstain from using things that produce carbon dioxide (Chikaraishi, 2015). You could use public transportation to diminish the sum discharged into the environment by cars and ride bicycles or walk. Another example is turning on the conditioner while your window is open or turning on the lights when you are going out leads to a wastage of power. People should attempt to abstain from eating meat and stay vegetarians as; it would help reduce carbon dioxide emissions fundamentally if numerous individuals took an interest in these little activities (Ertugrul, 2016). Unfortunately, not every person attempts to do these activities. Individuals ought to understand that in any event, when global organizations strive to keep global warming from worsening does not change the fact that it is our duty as human beings to bring down the carbon outflow levels and attempt to fix the world.


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