Free Essay Example about Financing of Health Care

Published: 2022-04-07
Free Essay Example about Financing of Health Care
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Reforms in Healthcare have led to a number of ethical concerns. "The ethical concerns have been as a result of the enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010." (Milstead, 2013) This Act sheds light on the possible impacts of health care reforms including how costs can be contained and at the same time provide high-quality health care for all. The implementation of the Act was meant to occur in stages and will incorporate prohibition of insurers from declining coverage of pre-existing medical problems, expansion of medical legibility, provision of incentives that enable a health facility to offer health care benefits, and provision of subsidies for insurance premiums.

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The Act is considered the most significant legislation in healthcare from the time when Medicaid and Medicare became established approximately 50 years ago (, 2018). Policy makers are the ones who determine the health care reforms that would receive finances from the government. They evaluate this by determining the reforms that would serve their political interests. Such interests raise questions related to ethics because Americans require the best health care services at an affordable price yet the policymakers are using the same as a means of gaining political advantage. Apart from quality health care, Americans also need a variety of choices in health care. These choices involve the place and time when they can access health care as well as the person who provides health care services. Finally, equality must prevail in the provision of health care facilities because all citizens pay taxes to the government.

Containing the medical care costs has been a central focus of the health care reform efforts (Milstead, 2013). Consequently, there is a need for sustainable measures aimed at cost control. The U.S has the largest per capita expenditure on health care in the world. The high spending has enabled the Americans to benefit from faster services, accessible primary and specialized health care, diagnostic advancements and advanced technology in therapy.

The efforts by the PPACA to contain costs involve bundling of payments, reduction of re-admissions, medical homes for patients, and liability care facilities (, 2018). There have been proposals for the ACAs to be used in the provision of integrated health care by lowering health care costs, making reports about the quality of health care costs. There is an option to contract the ACA directly for those who want to pay but they will incur consultancy costs, hospitalization costs, and emergency medical care costs.

The ACA includes a variety of measures that promote health care coverage without having to share costs. Such measures include investing in public health, campaigns for the creation of public awareness, and the inclusion of preventive services in health insurance policies (Anon, 2018). It has become mandatory for all citizens to acquire health insurance coverage.

In the instances where patients are suffering from severe health conditions, they are directed to Emergency departments due to the constraints of accessing primary care. When insurance coverage becomes successful in almost all regions, a reduction in the Emergency care load by the PPACA will be necessary.

Overall, funding will continue to be important in the country's resolve to the promote health of its citizens and prevent diseases. The challenges lie in the implementation of the reforms. Political influence has been a major factor in derailing health reforms. Coordination between various government agencies and private health sector will be crucial for the reforms to take place successfully.


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