Paper Example. Final Project Process Reflection

Published: 2023-11-12
Paper Example. Final Project Process Reflection
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The process of my research project is one of trial and error. I have had little experience researching during my studies, making me navigate around to find the best way to approach this situation. I am well knowledgeable about the final project necessities and am very determined to put much effort into working on the project for three hours daily to submit it on time. Even if we have learned how to conduct a very reliable project, I still have some issues, such as variable selection and coming up with the research questions. Coming up with the independent and dependent variables was a significant challenge for me in building the conceptual framework for my project. I have tried to look through a few articles, but I have found them to be more overall, not giving what exactly I needed to know. I would need to get some enlightenment in this section to be able to come up with a reliable outcome at the end of my final project.

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During this research process, I have learned that there are many articles to provide the required information, but the most profound problem is that there is too much information required to be looked through them. It, therefore, calls for the need to excessively narrow down to what is precisely being looked for and being much specific. I feel lucky to learn out that peer-reviewed journals are the best sources for providing research information. They are very legitimate in offering information to the research project even though they are exact. Working through the logic and development of the probabilities has been the best moment for me during the process of the final research project. It gave me the confidence to work on the research project by allowing me to revisit the research process. Since I have some challenges in the analysis of data, I will majorly focus on getting the basic knowledge about data analysis and also equipping myself with the principles of decision analysis.


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