Free Essay Example - Family Cooking Traditions

Published: 2023-03-08
Free Essay Example - Family Cooking Traditions
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Family traditions are an essential element in propagating cultural practices of different ethnicities. People from different ethnicities around the world are determined to preserve their cultural practices. Preservation of the traditional methods gives a sense of identity to the people; hence, it is highly valued in society (Simmon and Gwen 1189). Cultural practices included the way of worship, festivals, leadership, and, most importantly, the types of foods. Foods play an essential role in giving identity to people from different backgrounds. Different ethnicities are associated with different kinds of foods. Staple foods vary depending on the cultural practices of the people. Cultural activities such as farming, hunting, and gathering dictated the type of foods in traditional societies.

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The cooking traditions and types of foods used are an element of culture that has been passed down to various generations and is highly appreciated in modern society. However, in contemporary society, the regular food and cooking practices in families are of diverse forms and dynamics due to family composition, structure, and living standards (Simmon and Gwen 1191). The dynamics in family aspects are the leading cause of the difference in how families practice cooking traditions.

Family cooking traditions are faced with challenges such as the existence of under-ritualized families that have little interest in preserving the food traditions (Bostic and Amanda 1103). Such families consist of people who lack interest in ceremonies and traditions. Therefore the families shun from engaging in family events and cultural festivals that propagate the social practices that facilitate the preservation of cooking traditions. Moreover, family cooking traditions may be affected by the death of key family members such as grandmothers who are the primary custodians involved in teaching and maintain a family's cooking tradition. The demise of such an essential member of the family may lead to the loss of the recipes for preparing the family's favorite meals that are usually prepared in family gatherings and various festivals.

Holidays and family gatherings have firm foundations on traditions - various families and homes bond through celebrating together and sharing special moments as a family unit. Most of the myths and festivals are centered on food and, more specifically, the styles of cooking (Bostic and Amanda 1109). Every person has a different taste for meals and different preferences for the preparation of foods. Therefore it creates good memories and exceptional enjoyment as members of a family gather together and prepare meals together. Cooking has a mystical role in propagating family traditions to new generations.

In this article, I give an outline of my family's cooking tradition practices. Firstly, details about the composition and structure of the family are essential in explaining the family cooking traditions. Family cooking traditions range from the type of foods, recipes, and those involved in the cooking. Moreover, I put consideration on the role played by the family cooking traditions in uniting family members.

My family is big since it is an extended family, whereby I have the privilege of staying with grandparents in the same home. The family is a medium-income family with a medium level of living standard. Basing on the family structure, the cooking is done to ensure that all the family members are comfortable and enjoy the meals. The cuisine is done on consideration of the health requirements of the old and the young in the family. Health requirements of the diet for the elderly dictate that they consume food with little amounts of fat and avoid sugary foods to control blood pressure and diabetic diseases. For the young, the family has to cater to their needs whereby foods with high nutritional value to facilitate their healthy growth and development of body organs.

Cooking is an activity that is highly valued in my family, and a lot of efforts are made to ensure that the family cooking traditions are preserved. Cooking traditions are passed from the grandparents to their children through teaching and learning. In most cases, the young ones learn by observing and practicing the recipes under instructions from the elders. Bread is the staple food of the family and is prepared with a variety of vegetables and meat. The family cooking tradition encourages the use of white meat in a majority of meals due to the several adverse effects of red meat on body health.

The family recognizes each person's tastes and preferences for meals. During family gatherings and holidays, a variety of meals are prepared to suit the tastes and preferences of each individual. The family practices several tips that play an essential role in preserving the cooking traditions and propagating the traditions to new generations. The tips include the collection of recipes, cooking together, and trying different recipes.

In conclusion, family cooking tradition is a vital practice that gives identity to people and fosters unity among family members. Family cooking tradition is also an element of cultural appreciation and is a method of cherishing traditional dishes. In my family, food is a vital element that gives meaning and enlivens family gatherings and holidays come together. Therefore, family cooking tradition is a practice that should be sustained and preserved for future generations.

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