Free Essay Explaining How the Advertising Campaign Effectively Promotes the Flu Vaccine

Published: 2022-05-21
Free Essay Explaining How the Advertising Campaign Effectively Promotes the Flu Vaccine
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A successful advertisement is meant to create a desire in the readers, viewers, or listeners of a given media. It also gives sufficient information on how the desire can be fulfilled and thus make the customer happy. Today, every organization is forced to advertise its products to create public awareness and hence attract buyers/users. The process is not limited to the private sector alone as government institutions must also make adverts when launching public programs and initiatives. With consumers getting bombarded by a myriad of advertisements, it is important to pick a proven technique that increases the likelihood of achieving the desired results.

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The Centre for Disease Control has created an advertisement for the flu vaccine. The idea is to create awareness and hence have more people vaccinated against the disease. The advert informs the public of the importance of getting the flu vaccination in ensuring the well-being of the entire family. It is a brief advert that is straight to the point in emphasizing its case.

The advertisement technique used here is the association. It is an approach that draws a link between a product and a catchy jingle, famous person, or a desirable state of living. This method creates a powerful emotion in the customer decision making due to the psychological connection created. The product becomes attractive to the consumers through the transference created.

The CDC advertisement starts by giving a list of people who need the flu vaccine. It repeats the same thing in all four categories to stress the fact that the individual who sees the advert need to be vaccinated. The repetition is catchy, and it is a way of associating the reader of the ad, making it seem like it is individually tailored. It associates the flu vaccination with healthy people by stating that they are also at the risk of catching the disease. Every individual desires to be healthy and hence associating the flu vaccine with healthy people means that nobody should be exempted from the exercise. The ad also associates the vaccination process with family protection. It states that getting vaccinated is an act of protecting yourself and your loved ones. It is a powerful appeal at the individual level since everybody desires the best for their family and loved ones. People are likely to respond to the appeal since it touches on an emotional area in the lives of people.

The target audience of this advertisement is the general public. Everybody who can read and comprehend the advertisement is a potential beneficiary. The fact that healthy people also need the flu vaccination suggests that everybody is a target for the ad campaign. It is an effective technique since it creates a psychological connection with the intended audience. The repetition, coupled with the association with healthy people, means that individuals will be easily convinced about the importance of the vaccine hence increasing the likelihood of participation.


Adverts are meant to create awareness about a product or service to inspire its consumption. Successful campaigns will achieve the desired objectives, and hence it is vital for companies to settle for the appropriate technique. CDC uses association as it creates an urge to the people to get vaccinated since even healthy people are not safe. The implication that vaccination is a way of protecting the family also associates it with an essential part of every individual since people are always striving to improve their families.

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